Ji ‘nan cherry price “big plunge”, only half before the Spring Festival!Merchant: It will be delisted at the end of February

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After the Spring Festival, the price of cherries has been falling, from 70 yuan a jin a year ago to 25 to 30 yuan now.Recently, Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporters visited many fruit markets in Jinan, found that the cherry has become the most obvious varieties of seasonal fruit price reduction, the price is almost “cut in half”.Cherries price “the big diving” on February 13 afternoon, the reporter comes to mark out the optimal GuoXian fruit, fresh cherries has long been the most prominent position on the introduction to the store, the manager Mr. Wang put cherries compote, “now the price of cherries is about 25 to 30 yuan a catty, but years ago, the price of a kilo is about 60 yuan to 70 yuan.”Mr. Wang said.Ji ‘nan Tianqiao district fruit shop owner also told reporters that on the eve of the Spring Festival, the best quality of cherries 3J specifications, once able to sell to 70 yuan a catty, now the retail price is 30 yuan.Located in the Dikou fruit wholesale market tianqiao district, Ji ‘nan City, qi Yong fruit industry boss said that cherries are generally listed in November, the beginning of the listing price is relatively high, ask about the price of cherries more, but the real purchase is very few.Now the price of cherries has fallen, and the enthusiasm of citizens to buy them has risen.”A box of 10 jin cherries sold for 700 yuan a year ago, but now it’s down to 200 yuan.”Mr. Dong is blue fruit, the head of the main do cherries monopoly wholesale, he says, supply of cherries on the market at present basically imports li, come mainly from Chile, Australia and New Zealand, near year ago, big ships, and only a few scattered boats and domestic market demand, and transport and artificial cost are higher,Therefore, the price of cherries before the year is relatively high, but now the cherries have arrived at the end of the supply period, it is estimated that the market at the end of February, the taste is not as good as the taste before the year, so the price drop is bigger.”I could sell more than 2,000 cases a day a year ago, and now I can sell 500 cases, not as much as before.”The reporter visited several fruit and wholesale stores, most of the merchants said that although the price of cherries is relatively obvious, but sales are not as high as a year ago.Qi Yong fruit industry boss said, before the majority of relatives and friends to visit, buy more cherries, cherries sales are relatively high years ago.”Before the end of the year, we could reach more than 2,200 boxes a day, including retail and wholesale.Now the price has come down, but the sales volume has gone down rather than up.”Reporters found in the interview, many citizens rushed to the fruit shop to ask about the price of cherries, “see the hot search said the price of cherries reduced, rushed to the fruit shop to buy a box to solve the greedy.”Citizen Huang asked the price directly after the purchase of a box, “years ago when the price is too expensive to buy, now the price is cheap store a little, finally can rest assured to eat boldly.”Other fruits also have price cuts reporter found that the winter popular fruits have reduced the phenomenon, which is the most obvious cherry price.Strawberries released in January also dropped from nearly 30 yuan to less than 20 yuan, with an average price of 15 to 18 yuan.Qilibao comprehensive wholesale market a merchant said that recently fruit prices are generally much lower than before, after the annual Spring Festival fruit market demand is relatively flat, sales as before.Basically every year, as a business needs to adapt to the changes in market demand.Nevertheless the reporter discovers, be like before because of “dazzle sugar orange” of stem and the citrus fruit such as sugar orange, mandarin orange which is very popular although had a small range to drop price compared to year before, but overall effect is not big, still be the flagship of the market.In addition, with the rise of temperature, pineapple, mango and other spring fruits also began to come on the market, will become a period of future market “new favorite”.(Qilu Evening News Qilu One point reporter Lou Kai trainee reporter Xu Han)