Spring Festival holiday drinks this matter, how should gout person do?Two reasons to break up decisively

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Spring Festival reunion, wine table to see you talk about the wind, I do not know your gout relatives and friends to persuade you to drink for fun, what should you do?During the epidemic, some people did not go back to their hometown for years.These days very not easy to eliminate all kinds of difficulties to return home, so not big on the second day of the day, with his wife and children back home, but at noon dinner there are friends and relatives do not know you are gout can not drink, see you and nothing general, frequently advise you to drink to add fun, how do you do?You say gout, they know gout can’t drink beer, they tell you to drink white wine, what do you do?You can’t drink beer, you can’t drink white wine.By doing so, you’re stepping into the same trouble that causes so many gout sufferers to drink baijiu and have gout attacks.Indeed, white wine does not have much purine, why is also the great taboo of gout people?Today, during the Spring Festival, let’s talk about the drinking of people with Spring Festival gout.Drinking alcohol into the stomach will increase the metabolism of uric acid in your body and induce gout. After alcohol enters the body, it will pass through the intestine and enter the body’s base camp of alcohol decomposition — liver for metabolism.Of course, the liver is also the main position to clear uric acid.So the liver gets the rush job of breaking down the alcohol, and it needs a lot of water to break down the alcohol, and it also takes it from the blood, which causes the uric acid concentration in the blood to rise, and crystallizes and precipitates in the cold joint cavity or tissue at the end of the limb.Although liquor contains no purines and does not raise uric acid in the blood as high purine foods do, alcohol can increase uric acid in the body due to these metabolic processes.Then, the gout may be set in the wee hours of the morning simply because of drinking baijiu.If you have to drink wine during Spring Festival, what kind of wine can you drink?If you must drink it, you are advised to drink a small amount of red wine.But also to meet the conditions – or nearly three months before the Spring Festival (during) in a gout attack stage (break), uric acid level of body stability control for a long time in 360 (only high uric acid gout) or 300 (gout repeated attacks, tophus or associated with hyperlipidemia, hypertension, hyperglycemia, cardiovascular and other metabolic disease),Then drink a little red wine with a low purine content.Why is that?Because red wine is made from grapes, the protein content of its raw materials is very low, and its purine concentration is the lowest in wine.However, red wine is not recommended if you are in the acute phase of gout, or if you are in remission after the pain.Festival gout disease, often first or recurrence after the banquet, will break out at two or three o ‘clock in the morning after the banquet, and the pain rapidly to the peak pain, redness and fever.If the attack, must not listen to some people “New Year to take medicine unlucky” rumors, as soon as possible to take colchicine or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs anti-inflammatory pain, bed rest.If the drug effect is not good, can not control the disease, as soon as possible to the hospital treatment.In summary, our goal is: uric acid is no longer high, gout does not occur, away from tophi.2022 annual open thousands of gout health aid plan, and friends together scientific and effective drop uric acid to prevent gout attack, if you are in a high uric acid gout repeated attacks, but focus on Chinese acad med sci @ medicine    after DMS from “sign up” the message registration, one-on-one solution answering questions for you, scientific and effective drop uric acid, from gout disease.Dong Hongsheng’s article “How to Treat Patients with gout after Drinking during The Spring Festival”, the 2nd issue of Manchu Literature Magazine, 2021.High uric acid, gout, do not take medicine to reduce uric acid, non-drugs to reduce uric acid away from gout, please subscribe to the column “decode high uric acid gout, send Traditional Chinese medicine to debate 20 prescriptions”.For more on oral lichen planus lore, subscribe to Byebye with Oral Lichen planus.Like my article, please like, collect, forward, do not know how to treat gout, oral ulcer, oral lichen planus, gynecological private diseases, you can subscribe to the above column, welcome to pay attention to !Writing is a kind of practice. You can reward people if you want to go fast, you can go alone.If you want to go far, go in a group;Cognition changes destiny, circle decides destiny.For more dry goods information.# Protect the World of Silver Age ## Ballad zero Project ## Doka Doctor Super Power Group #