Starway ET-I All-engine supermix is so fuel efficient

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The popularity of new energy makes the plug-in mix, which has been silent for two years, become a market hot spot again. First-line independent brands such as Biya DI, Great Wall, Geely and Changan have successively come up with their own technologies, and relevant new cars have aroused high attention in the market.On January 7, Chery’s high-end brand Xingway joined the plug-in camp, with its technology officially named “Star Nuclear Power ET-I All-engine Super hybrid”. Xingway Chifeng became the first new car equipped with the plug-in technology.According to official information, Starway plug-in hybrid technology comes with the addition of “3 engines, 3 gear, 9 modes and 11 speeds”, and integrates DHT, full scene drive, high transmission efficiency, intelligent travel, intelligent electronic control drive, super endurance, and applies to all scenes.How to understand ET-I?From the technical data of the manufacturer, E in star nuclear power ET-I all-engine supermixture technology represents the gene source of star road brand, that is, star road brand name EXEED and new energy strategy Electric;T stands for technical support, translated as Technology, which stands for starway’s advantage in new energy Technology.I stands for intelligent drive and represents the value system of Xingtu brand.Conference, technicians took about 40 minutes to the star nuclear-powered ET -i full with super mixing technology has carried on the details, but a lot of professional language may bring scratching their heads to consumers, so the simple “translation”, share with you the way the star nuclear-powered ET – I full with super mixing system of the core technology, see exactly how its technology level.To understand this system, just remember the “33911” conference site, in order to let everyone quickly remember this hybrid system, the host used the number “33911” to bring the advantages of this system.The most direct understanding is “3 engines 3 gears 9 modes 11 speed”.Here “3 engines” refers to the intelligent combination of internal combustion engine and dual drive motor under the power architecture.The first “engine” refers to a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 115 kW and a maximum torque of 230 Nm.It is said that there will be a 2.0T hybrid engine corresponding to higher level models in the later stage.The author guesses that perhaps the star way of later period will be equipped.The other two engines are two motors integrated into the DHT gearbox, one with a power of 55kW and a torque of 160Nm, and the second with a power of 70kW and a torque of 115Nm.”3 gear” refers to the 3 physical gear, can cope with more conditions.For example, gear 1 is used for low speed, gear 2 for medium speed, and gear 3 for high speed.The advantage is that the power connection is smoother under various working conditions, and there will be no sudden sensation when the engine is involved.At the same time, it also ensures the characteristics of low fuel consumption when driving at high speed.”9 mode” means that this system has 9 working modes, including single motor pure electric, double motor pure electric, engine direct drive, parallel drive, parking charging, driving charging and other 9 modes.The advantage is that it can drive in the most suitable mode according to different road conditions and working conditions under the control of intelligent system, so as to achieve the effect of low energy consumption and strong power.For example, in urban conditions, a series range extension mode is formed between the engine and the motor to achieve the effect of fuel saving.The “11” refers to the intelligent switching of 11 driving conditions.The balance of power and energy consumption can be achieved under 11 working conditions, such as starting, medium and low speed, overtaking, red light, congestion, expressway, long distance, mountain road, high-speed steering, snow and ice/mud/sand.As we all know, the vehicle starting section is the lowest engine efficiency and fuel consumption is particularly high, at this time, the vehicle to double motor pure electric drive, not only to ensure low energy consumption, but also to ensure the smoothness of driving, especially in the case of traffic jam, this mode is very practical.At high speeds, all three engines can participate in power output, and the maximum output torque of the four-wheel-drive model can reach 510 NM.It is reported that the efficiency of this system is very high, even under the low power mode, the fuel saving rate is more than 50%, 100 kilometers of fuel consumption can be controlled under 5 liters, if it is the city condition, the fuel saving rate is more than 55%, even if it is the high-speed condition, the fuel saving rate is more than 35%.What are its core competencies?Domestic consumers may be the world’s most demanding, not only to power, good smoothness, fuel economy, but also the price is low, star way this super mixed system may be able to meet all these needs.And through the above introduction, I believe that you have a preliminary understanding of this system, to sum up, it has four advantages, respectively, are “strong power, super smooth, long endurance, very fuel economy”.It is reported that the maximum power of the two-drive version of this super hybrid system reaches 240kW, the maximum wheel torque exceeds 4000Nm, and the zero hundred acceleration is less than 7 seconds.The total power of the four-wheel drive model is 338kW, the maximum wheel edge torque is more than 6300Nm, and the zero hundred acceleration time is less than 5 seconds.To explain what wheel torque is, wheel torque is the torque that engine power transfers to the wheels through the transmission and the main reducer.For example, if the maximum torque of the engine is 300 NM, the minimum transmission ratio is 4.7:1, and the main reducer ratio is 4 (generally between 3.5-5), then the torque to the wheels is 300 NM ×4.7×4=5640 NM. Of course, this theoretical figure, because the power loss of the transmission system is also taken into account,And this is the sum of the torque data from all the driving wheels.So, the so-called wheel torque here looks like a thousand, but it’s not so scary.Under the TSD dual-shaft drive technology, the two motors are driven separately, and there is almost no power interruption and power loss in the shift process, thus bringing the ride comfort comparable to pure electric vehicles.As for long endurance and fuel saving, the official said, star nuclear power ET-I all-engine super mixed transmission efficiency of 97.6%, comprehensive fuel consumption is only 1L/100km (deficient fuel consumption 4.8L/100km), pure electric endurance 105 km, comprehensive endurance can reach 1000 km.From the data point of view, star nuclear power ET-I all-engine superhybrid is really great, but how the actual effect is, we can only share with you through the test after the star Tuchaser equipped with this power comes into the market.”The most Hou say” have to say, in 2022 just opened the domestic brand hybrid technology hit a hot, before there were Biya DI DM-I and Great Wall lemon hybrid DHT, followed by Geely Thor Hi-X hybrid system released at the end of 2021, the New Year’s day just passed, Changan equipped with iDD hybrid system UNI-K also began to presale.The arrival of the star nuclear power ET-I all-engine superhybrid system is believed to be just a beginning of the New Year’s plug-in hybrid market, and more and more brands will join the battle afterwards.But for consumers, the key is to look at the actual effect, that is, the driving control process and energy consumption performance, need to feel in the process of using the new car after getting it.After all, the system is complex as a whole, and how well are the parts coupled?How are the controls doing?How reliable is the later period?It takes time to find out.