Take a look at these three charts and you may be able to see things differently

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“Than Gu Ailing also inspirational, probably only A shares.”Gu Ailing took the third gold medal in the Winter Olympic Games, A shares these two days also experienced A V reversal.Still, the masses were agitated by the fluctuation.Don’t panic. My old friends at the grocery store brought me three lists, and after reading them, they might make you feel better.According to Wind data, as of February 7, 2022, the partial stock hybrid fund index has accumulated 2432 trading days in the past 10 years, among which 1295 trading days are up, 1128 trading days are down, and 9 trading days are neither up nor down.In other words, they were down about half the time.Trying to control the ups and downs of the day is no different than flipping a coin.But the magic is, through the daily rise and fall, the partial stock hybrid fund index rose 241.16% in the past decade, the annual return of 13.45%;Over the same period, the Shanghai Composite index rose only 47.12%, with an annualized return of 4.05%.This tells small partners, need to see the fund to make money ≠ time to make money!The hardest thing about investing is waiting, not looking at the fund with the mentality of making quick money.Sometimes in retrospect, volatility is not necessarily a risk, just an emotional pendulum.Since “Mr. Market” is unpredictable, it is better to deal with it with a normal mind. In the process, try to do less operation and more persistence to do the right thing with a high probability.Time is a magician. It makes you see things differently.From the daily cycle to see, partial stocks mixed fund index rose days accounted for only 53%;From the weekly cycle, partial stocks mixed fund index rose weeks accounted for 58%;From the monthly cycle, partial stocks mixed fund index rose in the month accounted for 60%;And from the annual cycle to see, partial stock hybrid fund index rose year accounted for 80%.For example, the paragraph “every few days is a temporary worker, every few weeks is a long worker, every few months is a white-collar, every few years is an investor.”It can be hard to focus on the big picture. When you’re worried and disappointed about the big picture, try to focus on the “bigger picture.”When you look into the longer history and future, a lot of uncertainty seems to disappear.In the past 15 years, the index of partial stock hybrid fund and the index of common stock fund went up and down (11 years up and 4 years down);In any year, buying can be followed by a pullback.In this process, many people’s mentality will be in “numb numb” and “I can again” between repeatedly cross.In the face of falling might as well change an Angle to think, every buy should achieve accurate bottom copy?Take Buffett as an example, many people wrongly believe that he is a “bottom-fishing master”, but the fact is that more than 90% of the stocks he invested in were caught as soon as he bought them. Even the investment in Coca-Cola, which was later recognized as very successful, was caught by 30% shortly after he bought them.”The beauty of time is its length.”According to Wind data, in the past 15 years, the composite fund index of partial stocks rose 463.94%, while the general stock fund index rose 545.67%.For most people, however, the long wait means more suffering, hence the famous saying: investing is easy, but no one wants to get rich slowly.(Article source: Hua ‘an Fund) Related reports investment is there a shortcut to achieve similar “ten days a year” effect?What fund should be concerned below stable growth investment mainline all the time?