The Spring Festival I on-the-job | patrol non-stop Guard the peace over the Spring Festival

2022-04-22 0 By

To fully ensure the county public security situation during the Spring Festival in a steady, make people have a stable and peaceful New Year, phoenix city county public security bureau police resources integration, the maximum forces on the street level, increase the rate of street level alarm rate, steward, woven into a seamless full coverage of the Spring Festival patrol control network, let the peace of the crowd really see and touch the happiness.During the festival, patrol special police brigade in ensuring routine patrol, on the basis of strength unabated, strictly implement the “four mechanisms”, perfect “1, 3, 5 minutes” rapid response mechanism, to the party and the core, staff concentration areas, large business clusters, easy to both areas as the key point, the joint relevant launching step by car tour, tour and fixed point on the way of combiningFull-time and full-region armed patrol is implemented, which is superimposed and complementary with regular street patrol forces, to maximize the deployment of police on the street, weave a tight prevention and control network, crack down on street crimes, and earnestly achieve “see police lights, see police cars, see the police”.At the same time, police stations have also organized round-the-clock patrols and carried out mobile patrols at key locations and during key periods of time to improve the police presence rate and enhance the sense of security of the people.Through uninterrupted patrol, strengthen the social security control, timely and effective deterrence of all kinds of illegal crimes, enhance the sense of security, happiness and satisfaction of the masses, for the Spring Festival during the county social security order to lay a solid foundation.