The first public security police station of Chengguan Branch of Lanzhou Public Security Bureau took to the streets to carry out anti-fraud and anti-drug propaganda during the Spring Festival

2022-04-22 0 By

In order to effectively enhance the awareness of anti-fraud and anti-fraud of the masses, reduce the rate of electric fraud cases under the jurisdiction, reduce the loss of property of the masses, and create a strong atmosphere of anti-fraud and anti-fraud, during the Spring Festival, The First public security police station of The Chengguan Branch of Lanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, relying on the Wuquanxia Square police station, launched the theme of “I am on duty during the festival,Propaganda will not relax “anti-fraud and anti-drug, anti-gang and anti-evil propaganda activities.In the activity, the police issued to the passers-by to prevent telecom network fraud and anti-drug propaganda, as well as a letter to the public and other information a total of more than 1000 copies.Introduced the characteristics, types and means of telecom and network fraud, drugs and the harm of black and evil forces to the masses, and guided the masses to register anti-fraud APP, to maximize the squeeze of the above illegal activities.This activity, effectively improved the masses of telecommunications fraud and drug harm of self-prevention consciousness, understand the necessary and inevitable, to promote the participation of the whole people in anti-fraud, drug control, anti-mafia special struggle to lay a foundation.