Valuation of nearly a billion, from the sinking market out of the book also burn fairy grass, why become a dark horse?

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Article | star at the end of the year of the tiger lunar New Year, new consumption for many chasing variety “wan chai’s night”, it must be with don’t give up, this shift from hunan TV mango TV national level variety, full of fireworks the milk of human kindness in Chen xiao chun, zhang, Michael tse, working, Lin xiaofeng of five “brothers” farewell.In November last year, when this variety show premiered, in addition to the “Brothers of the Greater Bay Area” again broke the circle, another brand also broke the circle among young people, that is, the general title of this variety show — Book Yizao Xiancao.If the new tea racetrack is regarded as a class, Xi Cha and Nai Xue are like the active members in the class, while Shu Yisao xiancao was the classmate who silently sat on the desk studying before.Therefore, the book also suddenly named for many people, is surprised, just like before not how to speak of the students, suddenly in the class blossom brilliance, people do not adapt to, yes, more “not adapt to” it!And as a night for the wan chai MSC, another news about book also detonated in fresh tea drink track, according to media, tea brand book this product also received more than 600 million yuan of investment, it is estimated that after this round of financing, the book also this product value will reach 10 billion yuan, 2022 fresh tea drinks come out of the track of a unicorn.Throughout the history of the development of the book, we can see that this is a typical case of a sinking market attack, or even a subdivision track breakout.So why did the book burn fairy grass “out of the normal”, suddenly began to “high-profile”?From the book also burn xiancao brand play, and what is worth learning?This issue of New Consumer Planet asks for opinions on this topic. What do you think?Green (new consumer media practitioners) : the book also burn fairy grass change is must not change!Last year, the book also made frequent moves, whether it was naming variety shows or launching other milk teas. In fact, it can be seen that the book also wants to change, and the driving force for change is pressure.Book also this product main this product is actually a broad categories of subdivision circuit, and according to the data statistics, the current in the circuit there are thousands of enterprises, the major categories of subdivision circuit is a piece of the red sea, is also a storyteller’s main product has also cannot bring book also obvious growth, but also brings the pressure of competition.On the other hand, the head of new tea brands began to sink, the book is also from the sinking market, and in the past two years, Xi Tea, Nai Xue, a little tea and other new tea enterprises began to sink, which is also constantly squeezing the book market.Therefore, it is not surprising that Shuyi has changed, but it is also related to their brand positioning to capture the sinking market at the beginning. This positioning determines where your audience is. There will be more changes in the tea industry in the future.After all, it’s about drinking, and for the Chinese, it’s never enough.Xiao er (co-founder of Changsha Zhiming Brand Management Co., LTD.) : from the perspective of private domain, books are also the trend of The Times!In 20 years, I was engaged in the enterprise training in cooperation with Shuyi. At that time, I hoped to sprint 5000 stores in 20 years, but it was completed in just over half a year.There is no doubt that 20 years is a year of rapid growth based on the success of the book strategy.Obviously, there are studies belong to the online brand will find that the book is also online this year focus on promoting the layout of private domain, now there is a direct entrance in the public, community subdivision to a single store, video number is also in the promotion of sound and color, forecast soon store began to promote;Now the tools on the market to achieve mass operation is not difficult, assuming that a store into a group of 2 yuan coupons, a day to draw 10 people, a month is 300 people, a group of silent selling 10 cups of milk tea every month, a campaign, 7,000 stores GMV is also immeasurable.The general trend, such as this year’s book layout to promote the entire private domain system, I also read a wave of growth dividend.Li Qinglin (Executive editor of Whole Foods Online New media) : The book also is suitable for all cities, covering a very wide range!The first point, from the product, the book also burning xiancao category is rich, suitable for different needs of consumers, the product as its slogan said “half a cup is material”, with material is very enough, and raw materials such as guiling paste, red beans are in line with the needs of young female consumers.Second, from the price point of view, The book yizao xiancao cost-effective, compared with Xi Tea and Nai Xue is more cost-effective.Third, from the point of view of stores, the stores of Shuyizaoxiancao can be divided into two categories, one is like Xicha, Nai Xue with a third space, the other is like Michelle Ice City can be bought immediately, cost saving and can be quickly produced.Besides shopping malls, there are also some busy commercial streets, which have more advantages in appearance and location choice. The rent of a single store without a third space is also relatively low.Xi Cha and Nai Xue are young and social drinks, and they mainly compete for their brand power, including their ability to develop new products and gimmicks that attract enough traffic.The book also focuses more on products to solve people’s basic demands of choosing milk tea.If the definition of Michelle Ice City is low-end tea, then Xi Tea and Nai Snow tea definition is high-end, then book also burn xiancao, it is positioned as a milk tea brand in the middle.So the book also burn fairy grass for all cities, suitable for a very wide range.If it is placed in the county seat, it will become a high-end brand. Although the consumption ability of young people in the town has been improved, it still cannot compete with Michelle Ice City in the county seat, because michelle Ice City has more advantages in the way of intensive store opening and its low-priced products.But if compared with The tea of Xi Cha and Nai Xue, shu Yi Shao Xian Cao is obviously more suitable for the village market.Bacteria bacteria (pearl River Delta marketing force chief editor) : Book also brand differences to develop their own strategic direction!Its advantage lies in its reality, excellent ingredients, taste and process. Another advantage lies in its ability to meet the needs of different people and people with different tastes.Actually it’s not hard to find, the book also left this product brand is popular mid-range route, product price is not high, suitable for the general public, as students party and the surrounding area residents, is because of the high price ratio, affordable, so will cut from the product level when the slogan, because consumers care more about the product component and taste,So the slogan is relatively lethal.In fact, this is in and such mainstream high-end tea brand area, the formation of brand differentiation.Xi Tea is high-end, mainly opened in shopping malls, the price is high, to cater to urban white-collar crowd;That book also burn xiancao and its formation of differences, take the street store route, suitable for the public consumer demand, and then open up the brand’s own strategic direction.Tian Ha ha (Internet practitioner) : The book has also walked out of a different way of scale!Read the book also burn xiancao brand propaganda language can know – “half a cup is material”, the book also products are really very willing to use material, consumers feel the benefits, the same or even more close to the price of the people who do not want to choose material more?Different from other tea brands, Shuyizaoxiancao has no fancy publicity, steadily do a good job of products, stores throughout the country, and thirteen years of focus on the research and development of Tea in the tea market out of a distinctive road of large-scale development.