Whether he loves you or not, you can see the red envelope on wechat

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How do you know if someone in a relationship really loves you?Eileen Chang said: “The same is a careful choice of thousands of sails.A woman often tests a man’s love by how much he can spend.”Some people always feel that money is too common in love, but I do not know that the material is often related to the extent of love you.In adult relationships, love is about spending money on someone.Whether he loves you or not, you can see the red envelope on wechat.The most romantic words in the world are all about money.Zhang zhilin said that if there were only 24 hours left in his life, he would like to say to Yuen Wing Yee, “Do you and your son have enough money?I’m glad I have enough.”Sanmao said, love, if not implemented to dress, eat, count money, sleep these real life, is not easy to last forever.The man who really loves you is not willing to give you a red envelope, unless he loves not you.They never understand, whether 5.2, 520, or 1314, what we care about is not a cold number, but behind it you give me, unique steadfast.Don’t look down upon a wechat red envelope. It is a beautiful ripple created by throwing a small stone into the heart of a loved one.Its significance is not how much money, but to remind each other: the New Year, also remember to love.Don’t say anything about “the future is more opportunities to you”, “no gift she will not care about”, the relationship is in a buck-passing and neglect in the downhill.A man can give a woman the ultimate sense of security, is willing to spend money for her.Zhihu has a hot topic: what do you know after many relationships?”When the other person really does not spend money on themselves, the heart really goes away,” said a reply with over 50,000 likes.The reality is that a man’s heart is where his money is, and his love is where his heart is.The man who spends money for you may not love you, but the man who does not spend money for you must not love you.As pride and Prejudice says, “A marriage that only considers money is absurd, a marriage that does not consider money is foolish.”There are only a few official days of the year when dog food can be scattered.On important days, it is a sweet thing to express your heart to your loved ones with a wechat red envelope or a heartfelt gift.There’s no need to break a heart full of expectations for a little money.Someone said, I don’t envy the young people kissing in the street, I only envy the old people holding hands in the street.That’s true.When a man truly loves you, he will love you at eighty just as he did at eighteen.In fact, all love is hidden in the small details, he will secretly remember every word you said, will go far to buy your favorite dessert, will save money to buy the dress you looked at the mall twice.He’s willing to buy you gifts and go out of his way to make you happy because his greatest happiness is you.A willing to spend time for you, to decorate the rest of your long years.Life is bitter, but he is willing to give you many tastes of sweet.So, whether he loves you or not, after a year will know.Those who are not willing to work hard for you, also won’t love you much;A man who doesn’t have time for you always has time for someone else.I want to tell all the boys that girls are very easily touched, as long as you are willing to spend your thoughts, let her feel your care, she will be very happy.As long as you are more sincere and warm to her, she is willing to spend her life to accompany you to see the long run!