A man of extraordinary gifts

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# Untrained person, how much vertical jump is a talent # Untrained person, purely inherited from the family, vertical jump ability of the people, in the Case of Asian race, must be between 1.70-1.80 meters tall people!Some people, the spring is born, some people’s spring is the acquired shape, no matter which kind, can be different is a certain talent!Vertical jumping ability and often people, not necessarily the height is too high, in general, asians are more than 1.85 above, they are able to freely dunk on the basketball court is not surprising, as long as the basketball player between 1.80 to 2.00, in addition to the European and American basketball players, their power as long as there is a certain legs reserves, combined with their absolute height,It is very easy to achieve the dunk, and the height between 1.70-1.80 basketball players, they consciously make a sudden dunk on the basketball court, that is very great, their jumping power is congenital advantage!What kind of person can be regarded as a gifted jumping ability?Have the experience and test stand in the basketball frame vertical line, the tester stand under the basket, suddenly, leg knee squat accumulation body force can instantly legs explosive power ground, of lower limb of ankle joint, the power source, power order according to the ankle, knee, hip, always double arm behind the above forward even if power to drive the body up,The whole body along the resultant vertical jump toward the basket, can grasp the basket with one hand, is a genius, if can grasp the basket with both hands is a genius!