Bask in the festival atmosphere | as the Spring Festival, the festival atmosphere

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Chinese New Year!When we enjoy the family reunion, there are some people who stick to their posts during the Spring Festival…For them, the Spring Festival always means a responsibility. They stick to their posts and contribute silently. The whole Spring Festival holiday starts from the New Year’s Eve.Fire safety construction office bring big bring about thirty BeiQin walk-around thirty make dumplings together this year is New Year fireworks banned for the first year, year fire station and peace building office BeiQin dispatched personnel for 24 hours, and these people are almost thirty year can not celebrate the festival with their families, for fellow colleagues make dumplings together, holidays together.On February 3, sujiatuo Town safety construction office (work safety) continued to increase the festival, winter Olympics during the inspection efforts, the production units in the area of safety inspection.Inspectors to Beijing open trade co., LTD., Beijing grain toyonoka dumplings, zhongtong express site, hao xin far of the place such as supermarket security checks, to find the safe passage of pile goods, illegal people place clutter, individual emergency lighting, fire hydrant before an unpowered enabled, fire extinguisher not yearly check on a regular basis, service areas, stack flammable items,The site responsible person was required to clean up in time and issued a deadline for rectification.Photo/Article: Xie Zhiyan