Opponents of the big four 95+29+22, the Lakers 4 + 20 glorious defeat!Howard is 24+8, melo 20+7

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The 2021-22 NBA regular season continues today.One of the biggest events of the day is between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers.Both teams are packed with superstars, and the games are destined to be star-studded.The bigger question is whether the lakers, who have a poor record this season, have a chance to steal another victory against the mighty 76ers.James and Embiid, who missed their last game due to injuries, are not on the list today, and the lakers will have a tough time winning without James.In the first quarter, both teams struggled offensively as Embiid led the scoring with a dunk and Stanley Johnson’s basket and outside 3-pointer were matched.Embiid hit a mid-range jumper and Howard scored two points under the basket, making the two teams very close.Maxie hit a 3-pointer, Howard scored two points and Embiid kept the lakers on a run.The lakers were hot from the outside, with Stanley Johnson and Monk hitting back-to-back 3-pointers and Niang hitting 3-pointers from the outside, and agustin and Niang hitting 3-pointers each to give the lakers a 30-27 lead after the first quarter.In the second quarter, Milton hit a 3-pointer, westbrook responded, monk got hot from the outside and hit a 3-pointer to give the lakers a seven-point lead.Harris hit two free throws, Jordan dunked and Kokemaz scored on a jumper as the Sixers cut the lead.Late in the quarter, Agustin scored two points and Harris scored five in a row as the Sixers rallied.Anthony made a second down and Embiid hit a jumper to give the 76ers a nine-point lead.Howard’s 3-pointer and Embiid’s 4-point run gave the 76ers a 61-52 halftime lead.In the second half, Embiid hit a jumper for two points, and Westbrook answered with two.Embiid went to the free throw line, Howard returned the favor, and the two teams were in a tug of war again.The Lakers picked up two technical fouls in a row, and Harden scored back-to-back points. Reeves and Monk combined for four, and Harden made three free throws before adding another three to keep the 76ers ahead.Monk scored back-to-back points, Embiid and Howard traded shots around the basket, and Anthony and Westbrook hit back-to-back 3-pointers to pull the lakers to within four, and they trailed by two at the end of the third quarter with Gabriel’s buzzer beater.The fourth quarter of the game, Jordan dunk to pay tribute to the old master, Anthony shot, Maxi also scored three, the two teams continue to see-saw war.Deandre Jordan dunked again, Westbrook drove back and Kerkomaz hit a jumper.Late in the quarter, Howard got to the free throw line and Harris and Maxie scored seven points in a row as the Sixers pulled away again.Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony scored four straight points, Harris and Monk traded 3-pointers, and Westbrook scored four straight points to keep the lakers in the game, but Embiid got to the free throw line and hit two free throws.In the end, the Sixers beat the lakers 126-121 for the win.For the Lakers, Howard had 24 points and eight rebounds, Westbrook had 24 points and nine rebounds and eight assists, Monk had 23 points and three assists and two steals, Anthony had 20 points and seven rebounds, S. Johnson had 13 points and five rebounds and eight assists, Reeves had four points and two rebounds and two assists, Gabriel had eight points and nine rebounds and Augustin had five points and four assists.For the 76ers, Embiid had 30 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals, 3 blocks, maxi 21 points, 5 rebounds, harden 24 points, 7 rebounds, 7 rebounds, Harris 20 points, 7 rebounds, 4 points, 2 rebounds, 2 steals, Milton 3 points, 2 rebounds, Kokemaz 6 points, Niang 9 points, 2 assists, deAndre Jordan 9 points, 7 rebounds.The Lakers, without Lebron James, had no chance to win the game, even though they struggled to the end with the 76ers.Dwight Howard, who was sent to the starting lineup by Vogel, had his best game of the season with 22 points and eight rebounds.But the 76ers were too strong, with embiid, Harden, Maxie and Harris combining for 95 points, 29 rebounds and 22 assists.Let’s hope the lakers keep it that way.