Review of news hotspots in agriculture, Rural areas and Farmers in 2021

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In recent years, with the in-depth integration of media and the continuous improvement of intelligent communication technology, the ability of all kinds of media to publicize and serve agriculture, rural areas and farmers has been further enhanced.The dissemination of news on rural areas has gained popular support and created a favorable public opinion environment for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization.According to the monitoring by the Information Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, in 2021, there were 1.433,200 pieces of related news, 5.868,900 pieces of client information, 2.069 million pieces of wechat information, and 7.183,000 pieces of weibo, forum and blog posts.In 2021, China’s remarkable journey and great achievements in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects have attracted much attention.Rural areas, rural areas and farmers have been praised by the public as the “anchor stone” to show the full success of the well-off society in all respects. Beautiful villages in different places are attracting people’s attention. “Entering the countryside to see the well-off society” has been a hot topic on social media, attracting a total of 970 million views.The moderately prosperous society in all respects has been achieved as scheduled, the achievements in poverty alleviation have been consolidated and expanded, and the sound momentum of the development of industries to enrich rural people has become a focus of public attention.The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced that “China has formed 34 rural characteristic industrial clusters with an output value of over 10 billion yuan” and other data, triggering all kinds of media linkage publicity.With the acceleration of the implementation of security policies, innovative practices such as the cultivation of the whole industrial chain and characteristic and advantageous industrial clusters in rural areas have appeared frequently on the Internet. Shaxian Snacks, Xuwen pineapple and Liuzhou spiral river snail noodles have been listed on weibo hot search list one after another. The rural industry with “characteristic growth, unique future” has been highly recognized.After completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, the realization of common prosperity in rural areas has also become a hot topic.The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs stressed the importance of “promoting common prosperity of farmers and rural areas in the process of comprehensively promoting rural revitalization”, which was warmly received.In particular, the practice of rural revitalization to promote common prosperity in Zhejiang has been highly focused by the media. The topic “How luxurious is zhejiang’s countryside” has been read 900 million times on Sina Weibo.Public opinion has issued comments such as “rural revitalization is steadily advancing and common prosperity is in sight”, believing that the goal of common prosperity of farmers and rural areas is becoming reality from a dream.In 2021, facing the complex situation of increasing risks and challenges at home and abroad, the agricultural and rural systems will shoulder the heavy task of ensuring food security.In March, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs launched five initiatives to stabilize grain yields and increase grain production. The central government provided one-time subsidies of 20 billion yuan to farmers who actually grow grain. Agricultural insurance coverage for the three major grain crops was further expanded and the standard of insurance was raised.Grain production continued to record successes throughout the year, with China’s total grain output reaching a new high of 1.3657 billion tons, and the output of summer, early rice and autumn crops increased.”Grain increase and Harvest” has been listed among the top 10 news stories and top 10 economic highlights of the year. Related micro topics have been read 300 million times. “Agriculture will stabilize the country and grain will ensure world peace” has become a key expression of public opinion.At the same time, in order to ensure the supply of important agricultural products such as pigs and vegetables, relevant departments strengthened the guidance of market expectations and timely controlled abnormal price fluctuations. “Sufficient supply” became a key word in the report.In November, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs held a press conference on the production and supply guarantee of important agricultural products this winter and next spring, which was said to have reassured consumers.The responses to the press conference, such as “rice and noodles can buy whatever they want”, “each person can have 3 jin of vegetables a day” and “I hope people buy more pork and eat more pork”, have generated 150 million micro-topic views and 23 million video views.According to public opinion, in the first year of the 14th Five-year Plan, the “rice bag” of the people has become more and more bulging, the “meat plate” has become more and more stable, and the “vegetable basket” has become more and more full.In 2021, China’s agricultural modernization will reach a new level, demonstrating the “core” force of grain storage in the field and grain storage in technology to ensure food security.Notable progress was made in farmland development and farmland protection throughout the year. A new round of the national plan for developing high-standard farmland was released and implemented, solid progress was made in the national black-land protection project, and targeted efforts were made to comprehensively improve degraded farmland.High-standard farmland construction demonstration areas and farmland protection demonstration villages and towns around the media have triggered active publicity. Comparative descriptions such as “Palm farmland” changed to “contiguate farmland”, “Wangtian farmland” changed to “ton grain field” and so on have appeared frequently in news headlines. The high-standard farmland of 10,000 mu in Tianchang city, Anhui Province has become “Internet celebrity card land”.Public opinion believes that “teeth” measures to protect the quantity and quality of arable land “double red line”, hidden grain in the new bureau to see actual results.At the same time, agricultural production throughout the year showed many bright spots, such as mechanization of production, specialization of management and marketization of operation.Practices such as drone rice transplanting, order planting, “one-stop” service of agricultural machinery, and “invisible fertile land” reconstruction of the whole industrial chain have attracted attention. Related micro-topics have been read 180 million times, and “green”, “science and technology” and “high quality” have become hot words in communication.The media praised “good farmland with good technology, increase grain and efficiency,” saying that agricultural modernization has given birth to a new harvest prospect in vast fields and brought farmers pride of “straightening their backs.”Strong start steadily, and “core” action “seed industry revitalization” focus on the heat throughout the year in 2021, provenance security promoted to a strategic height, the relationship between germplasm resources in modern agriculture play a role of the “chip” gain high recognition, public opinion “play the turnaround of seed industry” in sina weibo micro topics reading 300 million times.Commission for Deepening Overall Reform of the CPC Central Committee deliberated and approved the Action Plan for Seed Industry Revitalization. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, together with relevant departments, will strengthen the protection of germplasm resources, concentrate on seed industry innovation and key problems, and support and strengthen seed industry enterprises. “Seed industry revitalization” has thus become the focus of public opinion throughout the year.Among them, the positive development of the seed industry empowered by the policy stimulated public opinion, and positive trends such as “phased progress in germplasm resources census”, “in-depth promotion of intellectual property rights protection in the seed industry”, “accelerated upgrading of national seed production base”, and “a new round of livestock and poultry genetic improvement plan is steadily promoted” triggered the matrix communication of all media.The scientific and technological innovation of the seed industry with fruitful results has also raised a number of attention upsurge. The realization of independent breeding of white-feathered broiler chickens has led netizens to hail “freedom to eat chicken”. The successful trial planting of “giant rice” in Chongqing has made public opinion feel that the dream of “enjoying the cool under the grain” has come true.Public opinion said that the seed industry into a strong policy support cycle, holding the “bull nose”, hit a “combination of fist”, “agricultural chip” constraints accelerated unlock, seed industry will usher in a more vigorous development of the spring.By 2021, rural development has become an important step in comprehensively promoting rural revitalization. Rural areas across the country have been building a livable ecology, strengthening the rule of law, and gathering civilized customs. Relevant policy guarantees and typical demonstrations have become hot spots.Significant progress has been made in improving the rural living environment. In the past three years, the campaign has successfully concluded, and in the past five years, the campaign has embarked on a new journey to improve the vitality of rural areas. The rural transformation from “getting rid of dirty, messy and poor” to “pursuing rural beauty” has continued to attract public attention.Across hills and green into jinshan yinshan country practice, spectacular popularity at the rural tourism become holidays often hot topic, agricultural NongCunBu released “2021 China leisure beautiful countryside list” caused more than hundred political appointee and the diversification of media weibo propaganda, beautiful country and the economic prospect of infinite’s highly anticipated.At the same time, good governance in rural areas has reached a new level.The Law on the Promotion of Rural Revitalization has brought rural vitalization into a new stage where there are laws to abide by. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and other departments have promoted the cultivation of demonstration households for rural law study and usage, and issued the “Three-Map” guidelines for rural governance.The points system, people with legal understanding, the Red and White Council, and the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law Bathhouse were praised for their “down-to-earth” and “human touch” practices.Public opinion hopes that there will be “more” of these typical examples, so that beautiful villages with both interior and exterior can blossom everywhere and survive forever.In 2021, the Communist Party of China (CPC) will celebrate its centennial anniversary. Officials in agriculture and rural areas have set off a wave of celebrations. Micro-topics such as “Sing a folk song to the PARTY”, “I offer a harvest to the Party” and “The Party flag fluttering in the fields” have triggered heated interactions both online and offline.In the past 100 years since the founding of the Party, the historic changes and achievements in agriculture and rural areas have been highlighted.The People’s Daily, the farmers daily and other media reported by features, series, party leaders are reviewed hundreds of millions peasants turn liberation, adequate food and clothing, to get rid of poverty, the comprehensive well-off eventful road one hundred, agricultural NongCunBu Tang Renjian minister wrote “one hundred great spanning the” agriculture, countryside and peasants, summed up the communist party of China in one hundred achievement and historical experience in the field of agriculture, rural areas and farmers.The feelings of agriculture, rural areas and farmers highlighted in the centennial Party history have aroused profound feelings of public opinion, and the “three rural people will always follow the Party” has become a high level of ideological consensus and conscious action.The “red village” in the history of the party has also aroused strong interest in public opinion.The central media have launched a series of special reports, such as “Rural trips with Red Marks” and “Beautiful Red Villages”, to comprehensively publicize the red gene and red resources of rural areas across the country through short videos, panoramic views, aerial photography and other new media means, and focus on introducing the road of rural revitalization that “red leads” to boost “green development”.The media pointed out that these villages have red stories in the past and vigorous new features in the present, from which we can better understand the confidence and strength of the country and the nation on the road of rejuvenation.On January 1, 2021, the historic act of biodiversity conservation in China officially kicked off, and the key waters of the Yangtze River basin officially entered a 10-year fishing ban.The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has taken the ban and return of fishing in the Yangtze River as a major political task. Together with members of the inter-ministerial coordination mechanism and government departments of Provinces and municipalities along the Yangtze River, the Ministry has improved policies and measures, implemented resettlement guarantees, strengthened law enforcement and supervision, and made every effort to promote the smooth start of the 10-year ban on fishing in the Yangtze River.”The first anniversary of the Yangtze River fishing ban” became a hot topic of public opinion at the end of the year, and the positive situation of the aquatic biological resources of the Yangtze River gradually recovered was focused. Pictures and videos were widely reported, such as “finless porpoises travel in groups”, “鳤 fish not seen for many years appeared again”, “nearly 100 migratory knifefish groups were found in Poyang Lake at one time”.Xinhua News Agency and other media highlighted the measures taken by joint law enforcement to crack down on illegal fishing, the proliferation and release of aquatic organisms, and the normalization of “smart fisheries policy”, and praised the “initial results” of the ban on fishing in the Yangtze River.The situation of resettling fishermen after retiring from fishing is also a focus of public opinion.The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs organized the “Heart-warming Action” to help fishermen find jobs, and the central and local governments raised 26.012 billion yuan to help fishermen change their industries. Such vivid cases as “fishermen becoming fish protectors”, “fishermen becoming large farmers” and “floating on water” becoming “Internet celebrities” have been reported by the media.According to public opinion, in the first year of the ten-year fishing ban, the Yangtze River has gained new vitality and become a “new beauty” with clean water, safe people and abundant fish.Digital rural development unleashed strong vitality, new farmers innovation and transformation highlights in 2021, the deep integration of information technology with agriculture and rural areas, and continued strengthening of relevant policy support.The Digital Rural Development Guide 1.0 was released and implemented, the program of providing express delivery services to villages was accelerated, the Internet Plus program of bringing agricultural products out of villages and into cities, and the identification of demonstration bases for it application in agriculture and rural areas were carried out, further strengthening the digital foundation for rural vitalization.In agricultural production, “people are working, clouds are turning and numbers are counting” has become the new normal; in rural governance, “one screen can tell the whole region” and “one network management system can control the whole world” have shown a new model; in agricultural products, “whole link digitization” has led a new trend; and in rural consumption, online shopping is becoming more frequent.The powerful vitality unleashed by the digital country is presented in many ways on the Internet, and the enthusiasm for it continues to grow.The government of Guangdong called for the world to eat lychee, which was reported by more than a thousand media worldwide and read and viewed by Internet users in dozens of countries.Cao County in Shandong province has become a “hot seller” thanks to its e-commerce strength, with the Baidu search index rising 146 times in a month.With the solid development of farmers’ mobile phone application skills training, the digital transformation of new farmers has been hotly watched by netizens.The plant protection uav “Female Flying Hand” has become a “beautiful scene” on the short video platform. The rural short video blogger “Classmate Zhang” has gained more than 10 million followers in two months, and the micro topic “How fashionable Chinese Farmers can be” has been read 120 million times.Public opinion believes that 2021 will be the fastest year for increasing farmers’ income and improving rural new infrastructure, which has become the epitome of high-speed and high-quality development enabled by agricultural and rural informatization.The year 2022 is the year of the 20th CPC National Congress and the crucial year of the 14th Five-Year Plan period.Protect offer, join, prohibit fishing, construction, key, reform still will be the key task this year, food security, seed industry is revitalizing, cultivated land is protected, “vegetable basket” product is supplied stably, consolidate expands the topic such as achievement of overcome poverty to also will continue to become public opinion to pay attention to hot spot.