Star big New Year’s greetings, Lu Zhaohua’s fu fan, white deer’s tiger hat, reba’s tiger ears

2022-04-23 0 By

On the first day of the Year of the Tiger, even the air is filled with festive atmosphere, you can hear the sound of blessing everywhere.Xiaobian ran a number of actress micro-blog, to everyone to collect blessings as follows: Lu Zhaohua, Lu Zhaohua happy New Year blockbuster: Lu Zhaohua wearing a red national cheongsam, headdress red flowers and small red fans, the whole film is thriving festival.Lu Zhaohua embraces the playful expression of the blessing fan, which also makes this blessing more lovely.Song Qian, song Qian’s New Year wishes, wearing a tweed coat, happy and elegant, good luck, the little tiger’s expression, full of New Year colors!White deer, New Year’s Eve white deer issued a blessing, wearing a red sweater, wearing a tiger hat, clean, charming demeanor, this is a festive deer!Song Zuer, this is song Zuer last night hair blessing picture, clothing is very shaping, skin white beauty, with lovely princess hair more lovely.Wu Jiayi, this is Wu Jiayi off the blessing picture, Wu Jiayi in front of the red palace gate, this red hat is really too have the New Year feeling, long hair is smooth, side yan is sweet, red in the New Year, the youth breath is blowing on the face.Dilieba, the gorgeous dilieba, also sent her wishes last night!Her hair is very unique, wearing two tiger ears, eyes, brimming with joy.Yang Zi, Yang Zi last night posted a picture of blessing, she is wearing a braid, a lavender tiger dress, holding a small tiger, the picture gives a feeling of sunshine.Xiaobian immediately feel, The Spring Festival, the start of spring, spring is coming!Li Qin, last night a happy New Year to everyone, both hands bow to pay a happy New Year, this is the most real, in the picture Li Qin smile permeated with, beautiful and lovely!Space is limited to move here, in the New Year xiaobian also bless all read here users: all the best!Good health!Beaming!Bonanza!Every year more!Happiness like the East China Sea!Good luck!Happy family!