Su Shi Huang brings gay partner to celebrate New Year!Xie Xian dress fashion whistling, Tang Hedexian frozen age

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So Shih-wong, a well-known Hong Kong host, is a controversial figure. In addition to her hosting style, which has been criticized by many people, her “affection” with Jin Yan-ling is also attracting much attention. However, she does not care about secular eyes and often attends various parties with Jin Yan-ling in her daily life.On February 4, according to Hong Kong media, earlier, Su Shihuang and Jin Yanling paid New Year’s greetings to many stars, many of them young artists, although there is a huge difference in age, but they get along with each other very old friends, so su Shihuang and Jin Yanling did not care about the criticism of the outside world, and shared pictures of the warm party on social media.It is reported that the first two female stars of Su Shi Huang’s New Year’s visit are seen growing up, one is Hilary, the daughter of Mountain shi Na, and the other is Zheng Xinyi.The two generations in the picture do not seem to be at odds with each other and seem very close to each other.Later, Su Shi-huang and Jin Yan-ling went to the home of the next old friend to pay a New Year’s visit. Judging from Deborah’s husband Beard Kong’s dress, Xie Xian should be at Deborah’s home that day.In the exposed picture, Su Shi-huang took photos with Xie Xian, Beard Kong and Deborah, respectively. Although the backgrounds of the two photos are suddenly different, it is not difficult to find that they are both located in the same place. Moreover, Xie Xian has no cares in Hong Kong, and only Deborah has a family, so it is natural to have a party at her home.From su shi huang and Patrick tse is not hard to find in the picture, a 85 – year – old xie xian still looks show spirit, whether state or dressing is very young, especially Patrick tse fashion sense to let a lot of young people by surprise, in addition to often wear a pair of sunglasses, his ears and a prominent earrings, then often wears a pair of gloves.Presumably to cover the age spots on his hands.”Brother Four is really stylish and whistles. I told him to be careful and blow his teeth out,” Su said on her message.It can be seen that Xie Xian is still very affable in private, at least not like the program on Zeng Jiang as big a fight.After Dipola and Xie Xian divorce, and did not cut off the relationship completely, it is to get along like old friends instead, there is no taboo between each other, more from time to time 3 people go together, it looks very sweet.In addition to these people, tang Hadek and Shangshan Shina should also be on the scene. Judging from the pictures posted by Shangshan Shina that day, Xie Xian and Tang Hadek should be on the same occasion.Even though he’s over 60, Tang still looks a bit cold, especially with his white hoodie.Over the years, Leslie cheung has passed away, but he still keeps it in the deepest part of his heart. Every Chinese New Year, he would post a memorial to the one he loved the most, and it has never changed.As Tang rarely shares photos on social media, it’s hard to get an insight into his daily routine, but it’s lucky to see him at his friends’ parties!