Truce indefinitely!Reimbursement three times in four years!$30 million a year for a glass man?

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The hornets are in playoff contention this season, with a 28-27 record as perennial lottery winners. Despite finishing ninth in the East, they are 2.5 games behind the sixth-place Toronto raptors and 7.0 games behind the first-place Miami Heat.In addition to a good record, the team’s key player and the next three shots were also selected as an All-Star reserve, making him the fourth youngest All-Star in history at the age of 20.Another key player, Bridges, is playing pretty well, too. He’s not an All-Star, but with his current form, a big offseason contract is out of the question.However, there was also some bad news recently when the Hornets officially announced that Hayward suffered a sprained ligament and will be out indefinitely.The injury occurred six minutes into the game against Toronto when Hayward sprained his left leg on a defensive play and had to return to the locker room for treatment.On the plus side, x-rays on Hayward’s left ankle came back negative, indicating it wasn’t a devastating injury, but we still couldn’t help but wonder, why Hayward again?If you recall, hayward, who was recently acquired from the Jazz, suffered a serious injury in the opening game of the 2017-18 season and played just five minutes before the season ended.Hayward missed 22 games in the four years before the injury in 2013-17, but in the four years since the injury in 2017-21, he missed 122 games, or 100 more, with injuries that included:– October 2017, ankle fracture, season reimbursement — October 2018, ankle fracture, season reimbursement — February 2019, ankle sprain — November 2019, left hand fracture — February 2020, foot injury — April 2020, calf injury — August 2020,Ankle – in December 2020, the right hand little finger avulsion fracture – in April 2021, a sprained ankle, the season we are not willing to put any one player called “glass”, but since 2017, after the injury, hayward has indeed been deeply injury, especially his ankle, three times in four years has led to the season.This season, before his injury, Hayward played in 48 games for the Hornets, averaging 16.1 points, 4.6 rebounds, 3.6 assists and 1.0 steals, shooting 46.0 percent, 39.0 percent and 84.6 percent from the field.For comparison, Hayward averaged 19.6 points, 5.9 rebounds, 4.1 assists and 1.2 steals last season, shooting 47.3 percent, 41.5 percent, 84.3 percent from all three categories and 58.4 percent from true.Hayward’s possessions and stats are down this season, as his possessions are down from 23.5 percent to 20.2 percent, his touches per game from 64.6 to 55.3, and his minutes in possession from 3.0 to 2.6, thanks to the growth of three-ball and Bridges.Nonetheless, hayward remains a very good state, he still is one of the core of the hornets, is also the most trustworthy veteran, critical moment also can directly to illustrate the importance of his – on record in the hayward totally missed seven games this season, the hornets record 2-5 negative, the has played just six minutes of the game, the hornets also finally home defeat to the raptors, a five-game losing streak.If you want to hit the playoffs, so the hornets hayward is critical, we also believe that he can play again face – the past a few times after injury, the outside world all think hayward washed-up, especially in the summer of 2020, when the hornets to hayward $120 million to four years after the big contract, everyone think Jordan is crazy, but then 2020-21,Hayward turned in a quasi-All-Star performance.Of course, even hayward’s contract is a bit of a premium, with $29.92 million this season and $61.5 million left over the next two years.To be honest, it’s going to be a little difficult for Hayward to match his value in the future with the growth of Sanball and Bridges, but hopefully he can at least help the Hornets get back to the playoffs once and help sanball and Bridges grow as a veteran of the team.