Zhihu was pulled out of its monitoring system by rumors of layoffs, and the development company was convinced of a sharp drop in profits

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Radar financial product Article | Li Yihui | deep-sea some netizen has recently said, zhihu is low-key layoffs, mainly video related departments, almost lay off half of its staff.In addition, Zhihu is said to have installed a behavior-awareness system that monitors employees’ online behavior to learn about their behavior such as browsing recruitment websites and submitting resumes.Zhihu later denied rumors of layoffs.It is reported that the behavior awareness system is developed by Deep Trust Company.After installing a behavior perception system, enterprises can monitor employees’ online behaviors to learn about their behaviors such as browsing recruitment websites and sending resumes, so as to know whether employees want to quit.According to The News agency, a salesperson confirmed that the company’s service can not only “identify employees who are likely to leave,” but also “keep a record of employees’ online behavior,” and is “legal and used by many companies.”But many lawyers argue that companies should first inform employees and then obtain their consent to monitor online behavior.If the company fails to do so, it will constitute an illegal disposal of personal information and be suspected of violating employees’ personal privacy rights.At present, the product introduction and publicity case of “Behavior Perception System BA” has not been retrieved on the official website of Shenxin.In the first three quarters of 2021, The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was a loss of 133 million yuan, according to the financial statement.The company expects a year-on-year decline of 61.82% to 70.22% in 2021.’Behavior awareness systems’ can monitor employees’ online behavior.Some netizens have revealed that Zhihu has installed a behavior awareness system, which can monitor employees’ online behaviors such as browsing recruitment websites and submitting resumes, so as to know whether employees want to quit.A background picture of the Internet communication system shows that an employee visited job websites 23 times, sent resumes 9 times and had 254 chat records with keywords in a certain month.In the “resignation tendency analysis service” section of the system, it can show the recruitment website visited by the employee and the number of visits, as well as the details of the application, even the submitted resume can be downloaded in full, and the information of the job application can be counted.The system, which can monitor employees’ intention to quit, has aroused widespread concern and controversy. Some netizens accuse the product of “selling personal privacy in the name of innovation”, which is no longer an issue of business ethics.It is understood that the page of “behavior perception system” is consistent with the product introduction page of “Deep Conviction Behavior Perception System BA”, A software developed by A-share listed Company Deep Conviction Technology Co., LTD in 2017.The product, called BA, helps companies monitor slowdowns and the risk of quitting, according to the company.Details of employees with turnover intention can be provided, including their names, posts, IP and other details.According to Tianyan, Shenxin first applied for a similar patent in March 2018, titled “a method, device, device and storage medium for turnover tendency Analysis”, which was made public in August of that year.According to the abstract of the patent, the method includes obtaining the online behavior data of the employee terminal, judging whether there is any behavioral data related to turnover intention in the online behavior data;If yes, the behavioral data related to turnover intention in the online behavior data is used to analyze the employee turnover intention corresponding to the employee terminal, and the corresponding turnover intention analysis results are obtained.In addition, managers through the system platform, but also in the background to view the staff’s online records, intuitive from the data to understand what different staff in what time period, such as chatting, watching videos, shopping, trading, and so on, as well as the length of slow down at a glance.According to the Red Star Capital Bureau report, the sales staff of Shen Xin introduced that if you just want to analyze the risk of employees leaving, you can only use the online behavior management system, and do not need the behavior perception system, because the behavior perception system can predict more risks, such as employees to send and upload confidential documents of the company.The sales staff revealed that if the Internet behavior management system is simply used, the cost of monitoring 200 terminals is 40,000 yuan for 3 years;Add the perception system, the cost of two sets of use together will rise to more than 100,000 yuan.”This is very legal, and many companies are using it,” the salesman said in response to netizens’ questions about whether these features violate personal privacy.However, after the public opinion fervour, the product introduction page of “monitoring the tendency of quitting employees” presented on the official website of Shenxin has been removed. Meanwhile, the successful cases of cooperation between the monitoring system and Shenzhen Branch of Everbright Bank, Sina and East China Normal University have not been searched or deleted.It is worth mentioning that on February 14, Zhihu responded that the platform has never installed and used the behavior awareness system mentioned online, and it will not use similar software tools in the future.”We have never had access to screenshots of the system online, so we don’t know its authenticity,” Zhihu said.The illegal collection of personal information is a serious departure from Zhihu’s values, and we have always been firmly opposed to such systems.”It is not uncommon for companies to monitor their employees’ Internet access to prevent them from “groping at work”, according to a financial analysis by Radar.Last November 16, circulating on the Internet a “about violation of the punishment of the employee behavior standards bulletin shows that in August 30 – September 30, gome headquarters for non-work statistical traffic information after screening, found that some employees in the work area occupy the company public network resources in matters unrelated to work, such as:Play computer games, chat online, listen to music and so on.According to the company’s regulations, 11 employees (including one outsourcing employee) reported and punished accordingly.A total of 11 employees were punished, and apps such as Tencent Video, Douyin and NetEase Cloud Music appeared frequently in the “non-work traffic information” column.According to the document, 10 non-outsourcing employees were given a warning and 2 points of administrative punishment.For the outsourcing personnel, do clearance processing, not twice outsourcing resident.The leaked punishment notice quickly went viral on Weibo and sparked debate among netizens over whether it was reasonable for Gome to monitor its employees’ online behavior.However, Gome did not respond directly, only said in a statement that the choice of internal notification of colleagues is out of the original intention of “correcting, not encouraging.”The group is highly concerned about the internal disclosure of violations and will be held responsible in accordance with the company’s confidentiality provisions.Zhang Chuanshi, public relations director of Gome Holdings Group, said the company does not encourage employees to work overtime and encourages them to work and play well, but that the reported employee had engaged in “excessive fishing”.According to the public account “Shenxin Technology”, Suning Electric Appliance Co., LTD has also chosen Shenxin online Behavior Management (AC) solution to ensure enterprise data security and Internet management.According to science and Technology Innovation Board Daily, an IT industry insider said such systems have existed for more than 10 years, and have evolved from traffic protection to protecting confidential company documents and analyzing turnover intention.And in addition to the deep conviction, there are many security software companies have developed similar behavior awareness system.You can also find the online behavior risk perception scheme on the official website of The security vendor Chianxin.But installing such monitoring tools on company computers to monitor employees’ traffic usage, especially when it comes to sensitive content such as chat content, keywords and resume delivery, is often controversial.Lawyers have argued that such measures are vulnerable to violations of workers’ privacy.Yunlin in Beijing law firm to zhao, deputy director of occupation view, related to the company’s approach is the employee privacy infringement, the key lies in the company to install the system, employee behavior regulation have told employees before and after it was agreed that, if without the consent of the employees, this kind of behavior suspected of infringing the staff’s personal information and privacy.Yang Zhaoquan, managing partner of Beijing Weino Law Firm, agreed. He told RadarFinance that whether an employee is suspected of violating his or her personal privacy depends on the need for monitoring and whether the employee knows and agrees to it.Yang zhaoquan further pointed out that if employees use the public network of the enterprise, and the enterprise has informed the employees of the possible monitoring matters in advance, and obtained the consent of the employees in advance, the enterprise is entitled to moderate monitoring within the legal and mutually agreed scope, and to take strict measures to protect the information they access.If an employee uses a private network, the enterprise has no right to monitor it in any case, otherwise it is suspected of violating the personal privacy and personal information protection of the employee.In response to such incidents, the commentary article “Company Monitoring employee chat records?Privacy must stick to the bottom line, “pointed out that the enterprise as the main body of market activities, the use of advanced technology, the way to improve the management level, admittedly, but enterprise information collection, storage, processing, analysis, its scope shall be limited to employees based on labor contract provided by the labor itself, beyond the information collected by the alleged infringement.Shenxin Technology Co., LTD is a product and service provider focusing on cloud computing, enterprise-level security and IT infrastructure, according to public documents.On May 16, 2018, Shenxin Was listed on gem. As of February 14, the total market value of the company was 60.07 billion yuan.According to the earnings report, in 2019-2020, Shenxin reported revenue of 4.590 billion yuan and 5.458 billion yuan respectively, and net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 759 million yuan and 809 million yuan respectively.Among the company’s three major business segments, network security, cloud computing and IT infrastructure, basic network and Internet of Things, network security business has generated more than 60% of its revenue. In 2020, the revenue brought by this business is about 3.349 billion yuan, accounting for 61.35%.However, enter 2021, deeply convinced performance ushered in a “big change”.The third quarterly report shows that In the first three quarters of this year, Shenxin achieved operating revenue of 4.376 billion yuan, up 34.88% year on year;Net profit of -133 million yuan, the same period last year was 69 million yuan, down 291.35%;Net profit excluding non-recurrent gains and losses was -214 million yuan, compared with 0.07 million yuan last year, down 3,184.95% year on year.For its losses, the company said in a interactive platform, 2021 years ago in the third quarter due to overall income growth, especially in the third quarter revenue growth slowed markedly, income structure changes (low Mao Liyun computing business grew rapidly and high margin business growth is slow) network security gross margin decline, superposition of company research and development, sales, management fee rate were higher than income growth factors,To the short-term net profit caused a greater impact.As for the reasons for the revenue slowdown, on the one hand, it is due to the lack of timely adjustment of market demand insight and opportunity selection, which leads to unreasonable allocation of resources and affects the sales rhythm of the third quarter of this year.On the other hand, in order to cope with the challenges brought by the continuous expansion of business scale to supply chain management and improve the competitiveness of supply chain, the company started the supply chain management reform, and raw material procurement, delivery and delivery are still in the process of running in.Looking forward to the whole year, Shenxin said that due to the growth of revenue is lower than the growth of the company’s expenses, the company is expected to return to the parent net profit of 241 million yuan to 309 million yuan in 2021, a year-on-year decline of 61.82% to 70.22%;Non-deduction net profit of 101 million yuan to 169 million yuan, down 75.05%-85.09% year on year.Bank of China Securities believes that the company’s network security business short-term growth is weak, the short-term mismatch between input and output;Upstream, global chip supply constraints also have an impact on the cost side.In addition, some institutions believe that the company’s downstream customers’ budgets are limited due to the repeated continuation of the epidemic.Note: This article was originally published by Leidacj.Reprint is prohibited without authorization.