A dog feeds sausages at home by itself, and its owner comes back in tears.

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Chinese New Year, MAO children will prepare their own “New Year goods”!A net friend in Taiwan has a very lovely dachshund, called Mei Ni.Recently no one at home, younger sister unexpectedly at home “irrigation sausage”, the master home are dumbstruck.Master takes the door to see the jeans of a drum to come to him, painting wind is strange, but the tail that sees pants end shakes instantly felt to do strange again.The original is younger sister drill into jeans, the results stuck in the inside can not come, can only wait for the master back for help.She wagged her tail like crazy to get attention and even peed in her pants, trying to tell her host: ‘Look at me!Here I am!”The owner felt funny and helpless, so first took a photo to record younger sister’s embarrassment to save it.Looking at some naughty sister is 5 years old, but in fact, it is usually a very clever girl, and it is usually very insecure, like to sleep in the corner, will hide in a paper bag.So this time Sister will be stuck in the owner’s jeans may also just want to go to sleep, the results can not come out, put himself into the “New Year goods”, it is funny and sad.But sister ni is still very happy, it is very good feelings with her sister, often incarnate accompany reading little bookboy, nest in the arms of the small master together to read a book.And in the small owner’s side will also sleep soundly and safely ~ occasionally naughty sister ni is more vivid and lovely, can bring different fun to life By/FB/ @Zhou Xiaojingjing