After conceding two goals in the opening 20 minutes, Vietnam won 0-2 at half-time

2022-04-24 0 By

On this day in the year of the tiger, and Vietnam, Chinese football team in the Asian World Cup qualifiers, once again, because the two teams had almost no hope into the World Cup, the game has become the final battle for honor each other, both sides don’t want to in such a critical moment to let the fans disappointed with my family.The team strength gap is visible to the naked eye, the two sides in both hard power and in international rankings, there is a certain gap in the history of the Chinese football football had never lost to Vietnam, in a recent game, lei is a penalty to beat Vietnam men, although the Vietnam football at home, both in strength and in psychological,The Chinese men’s football team has a bigger advantage, it can be said that as long as the Chinese men’s football team plays normally, it is almost easy to win the match.But men always give us unexpected results, never use the normal view soccer on the field of play, in the face of such a defeated by their own, in the Chinese football started less than 20 minutes conceded two goals, first in 9 minutes had been broken into the ball into the door, then 17 minutes in the game, the Vietnam team scored again,Directly got a 2-0 huge lead, the scene of cheering Vietnamese fans is a huge applause, this time all the pressure came to the Chinese men’s football side.Now after half time, The Chinese men’s football team is still 0-2 down to Vietnam. At that time, the Chinese men’s football team was also the first class in Asia and Japan and South Korea, and they did not care about the teams of Vietnam and the Philippines.With such a huge point difference, it is difficult for Chinese men’s football team to reverse in the second half. Fan Zhiyi, who is known as a big mouth, said in an interview that he would lose to Vietnam and the Philippines again, and he would really lose to Vietnam. According to the performance of Chinese men’s football team today, it might be difficult to lose to Vietnam in the end.Do not be good really should fan Zhiyi general of that sentence.The pressure on The Chinese men’s football team can be imagined. If it really loses to the Vietnamese men’s football team, it will be a historic loss. The pressure of public opinion and the anger of fans are not comparable before.