The Spring Festival of a man living alone and a mysterious knock on the door

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The doorbell rang.Two big ye curse to open the door, one hand holding a card, one hand holding a burning half of the cigarette.Relatives were playing cards with er Ye, because er ye’s son and daughter-in-law did not come back from Guangzhou, and this year has been the third year that they did not come home.Every Spring Festival, there is always a sudden outbreak of the epidemic, advocate in situ New Year’s Day, two grandpa’s daughter-in-law is there in the city civil servant, so still very obedient in situ.”Timid, did not bear”, two big ye heart dissatisfaction, but there is no way.”Take-out, I didn’t order take-out”, two uncle angrily shut the door, not allow little brother to say a word.Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring.Two uncle’s mood at this time, a little cloudy turn overcast, may be the storm is coming soon.This time he put out his cigarette and rushed to the door to give the man who rang the bell a piece of his mind.”Is really yours, you call so-and-so, here is a few building a few number”, take away the small elder brother grievance ground say.Two uncle looked at the take-out list of the name, is indeed their own.At this time, the son of the two grandpa called and said, “Dad, I ordered something for you. It is the cake cake you like to eat, and it is made right now. I saw that there is an order on wechat, so I gave it to you, and someone sent it to you.”As a matter of fact, the son and daughter-in-law of the second grandpa can still go home, because they can not go home, they sent a lot of express delivery home before the Chinese New Year, including new clothes, new shoes, health care products and so on.Two big ye side say trouble, side again take the trouble to express the package station, “you say this child really much matter, harm ME to take a few times.”Two big ye’s child is really troublesome, if it were not for his daughter-in-law son begged us, made several red envelopes come over, let us accompany his father to play cards and chat.Do you think we have the patience for a single, grumpy old man, one who has to be grumpy to win?Really, the troublesome boy!Next year, come back and be with the old man!Write in the back: this is happening in the side of the story, two uncle’s wife died many years ago, when the son just read high school.Two uncle has not remarried, son and daughter-in-law is indeed very filial.Before are all come back, this year is really no way.Of course, last summer vacation of the time annual leave also came back, and then let two uncle to their side of life and uncle, because the soil is not satisfied with plus loathe to give up old buddy, also do not want to leave home.Second uncle’s son, said he wanted to work hard to make money. When he was 45 years old, he would come back to live with him to achieve financial freedom.Father’s love is deep, silent, but also thick, weight.Mr. Zhu Ziqing’s “Back” describes in detail the scene of his old father staggering his fat body to and fro over the train track to buy oranges for the author.Finally, father and son parted and Zhu Ziqing, who went to the north to study, watched his father’s back gradually disappear in the crowd and burst into tears.Sincerely wish two uncle happy old age!Wish all the old people in the right place.