Break ai Fukuhara!Jiang Hongjie “extremely thin appearance exposure” rare exposure of parenting aspirations: you are good

2022-04-25 0 By

Journalists covering the Shen Xin zong/prince “table tennis” Jiang Hongjie with ai fukuhara in July last year over 5 years of marriage, divorce because ai fukuhara to did not return to Taiwan, mainland Jiang Hongjie must now work while taking care of children, yesterday he rare drying out individual work, attract the sharp-eyed netizens found that his cheek extremely thin, and looks very melancholy, triggering netizen attention.Jiang hongjie’s cheeks became noticeably thinner.The 32-year-old posted a photo of himself at work late last night, writing: “Is there something to look forward to?”The apparent weight loss of his cheeks and his pensive look made fans worried, writing:”It didn’t take picture… good thin”, “face too sharp,” he recently in addition to the all-star games, led the team as a team leader, there are all kinds of endorsement activity, usually spend a lot more time with children, and work more and mothering rather hard, now cheek thin photos, let a person see the very love dearly.Jiang Hongjie posted a dynamic outing with his children.In fact, Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie after divorce then transferred to the mainland development, although did not return to Taiwan to take care of the children, but Jiang Hongjie revealed that every day there are still through video phone contact with the child, currently Jiang Hongjie father acting mother duty to shoulder the responsibility of care, warm father image audience people certainly,Late last night, he posted a rare photo of himself with his children, writing on the side: “I wish I had you.”And attached with a big love, indirectly revealed parenting aspirations.Jiang Hongjie recently served as the team leader of the All-star Games.Photo/Translation by IG/Jiang Hongjie