China football team defeated Vietnam 3-1, where did the team lose?The fans gave the answer, and the game was decided

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China football team defeated Vietnam 3-1, where did the team lose?The fans gave the answer, and the game was decided.Netizens pointed out that for decades, not only Did Asia not rush out, but now southeast Asia can not rush out, ignoring the results of the law of football development.If you think back to the whole World Cup qualifying campaign, what happened, you know who is to blame.From the manager election, the use of naturalised players, the league process and so on, which aspect is normal?From top to bottom, it’s rotten.In half a month, if the program is not dismissed, Chinese football will not improve in ten years. The coach makes mistakes and is dismissed, and the manager makes a complete mess of the field he manages but still can sit in his position. What hope can such football have?Old football fans know that if they want to play football well, they have to rely on the youth training. Now Vietnam ranks fourth in Asian youth training, with 4.5 places available, Vietnam will reach the World Cup within eight years without any accident.Two days before the game I warned the national football team not to play with Vietnam, anyway have been eliminated, to also be hanged, deep-rooted, are a group of relationships have no ability into the team, have the ability to enter, must be up and down a big change of blood to be saved!Wouldn’t it be better to use the billions of dollars to hold provincial primary, junior and high school leagues to attract more people to participate in the games with the prize money and the qualification to enter the echelon, and then use the rest of the money to build some basic venues?The youth training problem did not say first, after watching the game felt that the first use of Wu Lei to play the side is simply cost away a side, he can only play center, the second front court even a big center are not, why has been high ball?It is the small quick spirit that faces Vietnam again, Wu Xi and Xu Xin have a yellow card each, change a person unexpectedly the only one in front field, can organize can break through dai Weijun changes go down!Please can we use Liu Binbin or Wei Shihao to start the next game?Can we use a fullback winger?The wings can’t open, the middle can’t penetrate. What are you kicking?Although I am an ordinary football fan, I think winning or losing is not only the responsibility of one person, but also the responsibility of the whole team.It would be better for the National football team to set up a team exclusively for international matches and play against Chinese Super League teams at ordinary times.To be honest, I didn’t expect to win Vietnam at all.I stayed in myanmar and Indonesia, have to admit that their folk that kind of passion for football, including foot with technology and consciousness, really not bad, it is important that they are in football is really like, no conditions and environment, a few people wearing slippers on the cement floor can play play, also play of very happy.Ten years ago in Myanmar, I could not help thinking: they play like this, sooner or later will surpass Chinese football.Maybe soon, the entire Southeast Asian national football teams will surpass us. This is my true feeling in the bottom of my heart.Football is the sport where there is no shortcut. The Football association spent ten years of agony and was almost dead in the end. Vietnam put their heart and soul into ten years of systematic youth training and football development and today’s result is a tribute to them.I think the spirit of lagging behind is gone, and it is better to have a military training every year when playing football in the future. I think I have thought for a long time that this method should be able to improve, at least stand to lose.How many people have surprise for the Chinese team to lose?Well, that’s to be expected, because it’s not going to happen anymore, especially with these guys.The qualification condition is to win all the following matches by a large margin, but also the opponent by a large margin to lose, have that strength to today’s situation?Chinese football to recover and progress, must first restore the previous 12 minutes physical fitness test!This is the culprit that set our football back 20 years!Old national foot although ability is poor, but at least attitude is good!Now the national football team is poor in ability and attitude!Ask all old fans, we think back to our previous National football team which is prone to cramps?Spell 90 minutes I influence almost no one to draw classics!Fan Zhiyi, Sun Jihai, Li Tie, Wu Chengying, Li Weifeng!Now the national football team in addition to Jiang Guang too good point, before CAI Huikang good point, the other are not!Domestic football environment is like this, what football association, coach, tactics do not work completely do not need to pay attention to.There is no need to find various objective reasons to retain all, what we need now is nothing down, nothing up, the dissolution of Chinese men’s soccer, ten years at all levels to their posterity, this group of culture quality is low, in addition to playing some low quality of football and beer and skittles what all can’t, let them die, had come afresh, otherwise the low-energy high salary, destroyed now pay structures in our country, only harm no profit!The men’s football team project, we should not do it again, it is not about the money, but the heart is dead, there is no meaning.The national football team should be selected and trained from the soldiers, then there may be hope.Thank you for your attention to me all the time. 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