Homemade cold skin is so simple and clean that it makes your mouth water

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Today, I would like to share with you a homemade liangpi recipe, which is simple and delicious. The taste and taste are no worse than those sold outside. The cost of making liangpi at home is very low.Ingredients: flour, starch, chili oil, sesame paste, cucumber, coriander, light soy sauce, salt, sugar, rice vinegar, MSG.The first step is to take a clean bowl and pour in flour. Add a tablespoon of cornstarch and flour in a ratio of 4:1.The second step is to add a spoonful of salt to the flour and stir evenly, and then add an appropriate amount of water. Use chopsticks to stir the flour and starch until there is no granular batter, and set the batter aside for more than 10 minutes to let the flour and water merge together.Prepare a cucumber, appropriate amount of coriander, clean with water and then cut cucumber shreds, coriander pieces.Remove the skin and mash the garlic. Put the garlic into a bowl and set aside.Step 3: Stir the batter evenly with a spoon. Then you can start to make cold dough.Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, turn the fire to boil the water, and then prepare the mold for making cold skin. First brush the bottom of the mold with a layer of cooking oil, so as to prevent cold skin from sticking.Spoon a spoonful of the batter into the mold, then rotate the mold with your hands to spread the batter evenly.The fourth step is to put the cold skin mold into the boiling water and steam it for about 3 minutes. When the batter in the mold becomes transparent, take it out and put it in the cold water basin to cool it for too long. Take out the cold skin after it has completely cooled.And then you have a very strong cold skin.Follow the above steps to make the remaining batter into liangpi.Step 5, after all the liangpi is done, then we start to make the sauce of liangpi.First, put a piece of cold skin on the chopping board and cut it into strips.Put the sliced cold skin into the bowl, add sliced cucumber, coriander, garlic paste, transfer into a spoonful of sesame paste, a little salt, rice vinegar, chili oil, sesame oil, stir with chopsticks can be put on a plate to eat.Tips for making cold skin: 1. The cold skin recipe shared with you today is very simple and tastes delicious without washing or kneading. We should pay attention to one small detail when making cold skin.2. Don’t steam the batter directly, let it stand for more than 10 minutes first, so that the cold PI will not break, and the taste will be more muscular and delicious.3, starch is easy to precipitate, so every time we scoop the batter, we should stir it with a spoon before using it.To learn more about snack techniques click the link in the description!Get entrepreneurial support package, and all the technical formula!Click here to learn more about the education package