New Year travel C, Changan Auchan X5

2022-04-25 0 By

Streets and lanes of traffic is less and less, most of people have started to reunion, home early estimates from December 24 began to eat the family reunion dinner, a family, the next reunion, in such atmosphere, talk about family issues that must be ah, how’s work this year, just in the new car, a lot of topic!To a good-looking model, let you in this year to the heart!To boast boast, to card card ah!Changan Auchan X5 sport edition not only the appearance of the eye, the car is also colorful.Integrated racing seat with S exclusive logo, ergonomic design, perfectly fit the human body surface.The integrated design of the backrest and headrest, and the dazzling orange edge decoration, as well as the unique S sports logo, also emphasize the sports attributes of the vehicle.At the same time, 4490x1860x1580mm, wide-body large SIZE SUV body, not only brings a sense of atmosphere, but also creates a wider and more comfortable supersensory space.Leading the same level of 2710mm body wheelbase, but also greatly expand the interior space, flexible and changeable practical space, always highlight the atmosphere pattern.It’s not bad to have such a car in your family team!Not only appearance level is high, right, still have a lot of material, changan Aushang X5 sport edition, let your life be wonderful!