Pudong, Shanghai: The Spring Festival season for police officers xiao Di

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Police officers from the Pudong Branch of Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau are on duty at Disneyland in Shanghai, east China, Feb. 1, 2019.February 1 is the first day of the Chinese New Year, at about 20 o ‘clock, Shanghai Disneyland bright lights, people crowded.Gu Zheng, a policeman on duty, saw a child squatting beside him and crying, so he asked him: “Why are you crying here?Where’s mom and dad?”Seeing the policeman, the child hugged Gu Zheng and cried even louder.Gu Zheng saw immediately to comfort the children: “children don’t be afraid, there are police uncle in no one will bully you, you say where mom and dad go?”The child mumbled, “I…My mom and dad are gone, and I don’t know where.”Under Gu Zheng’s comfort, the child told Gu that he had lost his parents.Gu took key information from the child’s words and contacted the child’s parents with his colleagues.After a long wait, also anxious to find their child’s parents came to gu Zheng’s side, they were excited and repeatedly thanked.During the Spring Festival, the public security officers of the Pudong Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau international Tourism Resort made thorough arrangements, strengthened management and control, and steadily promoted various security measures according to relevant work requirements.Police officers in the public Security department of the International Tourism resort call themselves “Xiao Di Police Officers” because they are mainly responsible for police work in Disney Park.”Xiaodi police officer” Hu Hao, after joining the work for a long time separated from his parents.This Spring Festival, Hu hao resolutely gave up the opportunity to go home to reunite with his parents, and became a security guard in the resort.During the Spring Festival, he spoke to his parents via video link: “Mom and dad, I can’t spend the Spring Festival with you this year. Take care of yourself.”At the end of the video, Hu Hao’s eyes were moist…On the morning of the second day of the lunar New Year, Disney Park was crowded with people. Zhang Qiliang, a “police officer named Xiao Di”, received help from tourists who said their child suddenly had convulsions and needed help when he was conducting his guiding work on Ecological Park Road.When Zhang Qiliang arrived, he found the child was delirious and accompanied by incontinence.In an emergency, Zhang Qiliang picked up the child to run to the police car, put the child on the police car after he sounded the siren all the way fast, the child to the nearest hospital.Fortunately, the child was successfully treated and finally turned the corner.After getting the news of the child’s safety, Zhang Qiliang silently left the hospital and returned to the resort to continue to stick to his post.(Reporter Wu Yi, correspondent Gu Youtao) Source: People’s Public Security Daily