South 2 ring add 7 mu “pocket” homestead again!Close to large complex and subway station

2022-04-25 0 By

On January 27, Fuzhou Natural Resources and Planning Bureau issued the public notice of land parcel adjustment. The land parcel involved (Lot 350104-SCJS-13, 13A and 16, Cangshan District) is located on the west side of Nantai Avenue, south side of Ying ‘an Road and east side of Limin Road, Cangshan District.The draft of the plot control regulation has been studied and deliberated. According to relevant regulations, opinions of interested parties are now solicited, and the publicity period is from January 27, 2022 to February 25, 2022.The readjustment plot is the transferred plot on Dongsheng, involving a land area of about 3.26 hectares (148.9 mu).Originally planned use for sports land and bus station land, now part of the sports land adjustment for residential and commercial land.The change will see the addition of a 0.49-hectare (7.35-acre) “pocket” mixed-use commercial/residential site with a plot ratio ceiling of about 1.8 and building height limits of 50 metres.It is expected to supply about 8,800 square meters of housing and underconstruction (subject to the actual transfer).In terms of location, the plot is located in the South Second Ring Sancha Street block, west of Nantai Avenue, adjacent to subway Line 1 Sancha Street station and Binhai Express Line (under construction), with convenient transportation.On the north side of the plot is the large commercial complex of Zhongjun World City, and on the east side, sports and leisure sports projects (Dongsheng Sports City) and leisure parks will be built with the theme of sports to meet the living needs of the elderly, children, young and middle-aged people and other groups.In terms of living facilities, there are dongsheng Primary School, Shoushan Middle School, two planned primary schools and other educational resources in the surrounding area.In addition, Baihuting Wanda Plaza (already opened), Fujian Commercial Plaza (Wal-Mart), Zhongjun World City (scheduled to open at the end of this year) and other commercial facilities are surrounded by SM Plaza, which is also expected to land in this area.At present, the peripheral sold in residential units are: the south China city | world jiing yue 32000 / ㎡, one ZeXu road, 32000 / ㎡, believe Mr Hainer trendy 2.5 29000 / ㎡, built the master build 26000 / ㎡, melting and fuzhou fu 2.6 29000 / ㎡, overseas Chinese star reputation 26500 / ㎡, itc phoenix the original 2.5 27000 / ㎡, etc.The residential buildings for sale are rongxin Guodong Mansion, Zhongjun Junsheng Mansion, Rongfa Beiyuan Yunzhu, City City project, etc.On the other hand, with a new round of soil shot curtain is about to open, the south second Ring many hot soil appearance is imminent, the competition between products in the area is also increasingly white-hot.