The all-new LYNk 01 Sports Trendsetter SUV

2022-04-25 0 By

The warp and weft air grille originates from the main road crisscrossed by the city at night, the flow and shuttle of 24 hours endless, the innovative warp and weft crisscrossed grille styling style design.High-performance LED headlights are cleverly integrated into the grille contour, forming split design features with aurora borealis LED, showing the opposite aesthetics incisively and vividly.The new dynamic balance tail design sculpture three-dimensional modeling, with exposed double exhaust tail pipe design, the body is more sporty.Lynk 2.0 generation interior design language equipped with 12.3+12.7 inch intelligent double large screen, creating a new luxury technology cabin.To expand the SUV boundary chassis adjustment with driving fun, the new upgrade gives consideration to sports and comfortable driving and control sense