During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, 50 more small and micro wetlands will be added to Beijing’s total wetland area of 62,100 hectares

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The 26th World Wetlands Day will be celebrated on February 2, 2022.Reporters January 31 from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscape and Greening learned that in 2021, Beijing has restored the construction of 1023 hectares of wetlands.According to statistics, by 2021, Beijing’s wetland area according to the international Wetland Convention reached 62,100 hectares.Cai Jiahe wetland (epicenter wide net for the figure of Beijing gardens green bureau) “protection and restoration of wetland in nearly three years, Beijing is based on practical, and focus on the” Beijing wetland protection development planning (2021-2035) “(hereinafter referred to as the” planning “) JinYuanQi goals, broken down to carry out the “planning”, comprehensively considered the city protection and restoration of wetland,Easy first, then difficult, step by step implementation, orderly development.”According to Zhang Zhiming, director of the Wildlife and wetland protection Department of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscape and Greening, through three years of efforts, the supporting system for wetland protection and management has been strengthened, and the classification and classification management system of wetlands has been improved, and the foundation for wetland protection and restoration has been firmly established.Zhang Zhiming mentioned, “The restoration of small and micro wetlands will be a highlight. In the next three years, we will gradually carry out the restoration of many small and micro wetlands in the city by combining the characteristics of different regions and using limited space.”It is reported that on December 28, 2021, the “Technical Specifications for Small and Micro Wetland Restoration” (DB11/T 1928-2021) organized and compiled by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscape and Greening was officially announced through the approval of The Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Administration.The code is the country’s first local standard on the restoration of small and micro wetlands, and proposes the definition of small and micro wetlands, restoration functional objectives, principles, restoration requirements, monitoring and operation and maintenance of technical standards.Zhang zhiming said that during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscaping plans to build more than 50 small and micro wetlands, and continue to play the role of wetlands in purifying water and beautifying the environment.In addition, The whole city of Beijing will also combine a new round of afforestation and afforestation action plan of one million mu, with the construction of small and micro wetlands as the entrance, with the construction of Wenyuhe Park, Nanyuan, Kangzhuang forest wetland and Shahe wetland park as the focus, to increase wetland restoration and construction efforts.We will coordinate the systematic management of mountains, rivers, forests, farmland, lakes and grasslands, promote the optimization and integration of wetland nature reserves and wetland parks, and effectively protect important bird habitats.