During the 14th Five-year Plan period, the east fengtai River area of Beijing realized balanced and high-quality urbanization

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Recently, Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from Fengtai District, “Fengtai District during the” 14th Five-year “period of urban and rural integration planning research” (hereinafter referred to as “planning research”) officially issued.According to “Planning Research”, in the next five years, Fengtai District will focus on industrial transformation and upgrading, infrastructure traction, fine social governance, characteristic ecological civilization and other seven areas, comprehensively promote the integration of urban and rural development.During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, fengtai District’s collective economic income grew steadily, and farmers’ income continued to rise.The total income of village collective economy increased from 12.085 billion yuan in 2016 to 17.395 billion yuan in 2020.Hengtai Center, Shouhui Square, Zhongdu Science and Technology, Guoshu Base and other building economy and technology enterprise incubation bases and leading enterprises represented by Xinfadi Market, Yuegezhuang market to build agricultural products supply base with the new industrialization management mode of “market + farmers”.At the same time, actively develop collective land construction rental housing, through market operation, 7 projects have officially started construction, among which chengshou Temple collective land rental housing project is the first project put into operation in Beijing.On this basis, put forward the planning study, in accordance with the “hedong comprehensive finishing, realize balanced urbanization, the high quality of hexi actively promote, exploration of low density and high quality of urban and rural integration” of the overall objectives, in 2025, is expected to achieve the rural collective economy income grew by an average of 6% a year or so, farmers per capita income grew by an average of 7% a year or so, to realize more than six village, turn in,Two star-rated agricultural sightseeing parks were added, and the number of collective rental housing projects in operation reached 6.Hedong focuses on cluster development to realize industrial linkage. Based on green ecological tourism resources, Hexi will cultivate scientific and technological research and development and cultural creative industries to further narrow the gap between regional development and urbanization level in Hedong and Hexi.It is understood that during the “14th five-year plan” Fengtai will focus on transformation and upgrading, cultivating sustainable new industrial momentum.Hedong district focuses on the capital New Business District, Lize Financial and Business District and Zhongguancun Fengtai Park to continuously optimize the business environment and improve the investment mechanism.Among them, it will actively promote the transformation and upgrading of professional markets represented by Xinfadi urban agricultural products market and Huaxiang urban flower market to the direction of green, intensive and intelligent;Accelerate the planning and construction of the core area of Yushuzhuang Beijing National Digital Publishing Base, and actively develop digital cultural creative industry and digital publishing industry;Promote the transformation and upgrading of the Xinfadi market, implement the Xinfadi comprehensive vegetable trading building project and fruit trading building project, and build a modern agricultural products circulation system;Integrate medical resources, rely on Tiantan Hospital and Beijing Stomatological Hospital, cooperate to develop rehabilitation medical industry and related supporting services.On the basis of the sustainable development of Hedong, Hexi focuses on the development of high-tech research and development, incubation, transformation of scientific and technological achievements and modern service industry, relying on erqi Science and Technology Park, National Experimental Zone for Comprehensive Reform of Traditional Chinese Medicine, CRRC and other key parks and high-tech enterprises.Relying on Nangong Hot Spring, Qinglong Lake Capital, Qianling Mountain scenic area, integrating regional tourism resources, cultivating and innovating wangzuo “tourism +” green leisure industry;Ploughing “Farmers harvest Festival”, “Nangong Hot Spring”, “rape flower sea” and other star parks, rural festival activities.In addition, during the 14th Five-year Plan period, Fengtai District will orderly promote 13 collective land rental housing projects such as Guoyuan Village, You ‘anmen Village, Xiju Village, Xiaotun – Guozhuangzi Village, with a total construction area of 1,011,300 square meters.In terms of infrastructure improvement, it will enhance the comprehensive carrying capacity of urban and rural areas, accelerate the planning and construction of rail transit, promote the westward extension of Subway Line 14, and plan to increase hexi rail transit by about 9.5 kilometers.Promote the transformation and upgrading of rural infrastructure, speed up the construction of Hexi water supply plant, build the second Hexi water plant, and complete the third Hexi water plant.”Planning Research” also proposed that during the 14th Five-year Plan period, Fengtai District will focus on fine governance, improve the system and mechanism of village party organization leading village governance, explore the system and mechanism of street village management and village collective economic organization, innovate and develop grassroots social governance, and promote the integration of urban and rural social systems.At the same time, it is committed to creating a low-density and high-quality blue-green space, relying on the construction of Nanyuan Forest wetland Park and Lugouqiao National Park culture Area, reproducing the nanyuan wetland water network, forming a green ecological corridor along the river;Relying on Xiaolong River, Fengcao River, etc., the waterfront spatial landscape should be improved, and safety measures and slow driving system should be built to meet the needs of citizens for water.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Pu Changting editor/Tan Weiping