99 roses for a thousand dollars!Flower price rises behind, who is “driving up” flower price?

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Snow lies on the road near Beijing xierqi subway station.A delivery man is trotting toward a building with three bunches of roses.Today is 2·14 Valentine’s Day, ready to declare the little brothers, the probability of “meat pain” some time.At a flower shop in Beijing’s Shijingshan district, a single rose sold for about 17 yuan, up from 5-7 yuan in the past, a two-to-threefold increase in price.”I’ve been selling flowers for more than 10 years, and this year’s roses should be the most expensive.””Said the florist to Ctoutiao.It is understood that not only rose, chamomile, lily and other matching flower prices, also have a small rise.In China, nearly 70 percent of fresh cut flowers come from Yunnan.Since last year, the temperature in Yunnan has dropped significantly, and many places have seen the lowest temperature in recent years, resulting in the reduction of flower production in Yunnan.Nevertheless, also the personage inside course of study thinks after capital enters flower industry, flower price rises sharply cannot leave hot money speculation.For every 10 flowers sold in China, seven come from Yunnan.As the largest fresh cut flower production base in China, the output value of fresh cut flowers in Yunnan province exceeded 10 billion yuan as early as 2018.In 2021, the output of fresh cut flowers in Yunnan province is expected to exceed 16 billion branches, and the comprehensive industrial output value is expected to exceed 90 billion yuan.Benefiting from the unique temperature conditions, Yunnan province began to develop the “flower economy” in the 1980s.Up to now, Many flower brands with annual output value of over 100 million and independent intellectual property rights have been born in Yunnan.For example, established in 1995, the national agricultural industrialization leading “Jinyuan flowers”, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games award designated rose “China red” r&d “Lido flowers”……There are also a lot of flowers related to the “specialist special new” enterprises.For example, “Jiuxiang Biological”, which makes flower food, and “Huayibao”, a vertical e-commerce platform for online transactions between florists and flower farmers, etc.In Yunnan, flower farmers do not set the price of flowers.There are two main ways to price flowers: one is to trade flowers through the market, flower farmers, florists can negotiate prices, mutual game;2 it is to pass auction market, flower price is bid according to demand by buying a hand.Located in Kunming Chenggong District dounan flower trading market, more than 8000 square meters of land, roses, lilies, carnations, gerbera chrysanthemum……Flowers bloom in clusters.It is the largest flower market in Asia, with a turnover of 11.2 billion yuan last year.When night falls, it is the busiest time in Dannan Flower Market.Fresh flowers picked from the fields are transported overnight by air, cold chain and other means around the world.”More than 20 million fresh cut flowers can be bought and sold here every night.””Said Jin Bo, vice president of Dounan Flower Industry Group.Not far from Dounan Flower Market, kunming International Flower Auction and Trade Center is the largest flower auction center in Asia.In the morning, the flower farmers will be fresh cut flowers to the auction center, in the waiting area to accept brokers of flower quality inspection;In the afternoon, as the auction began, hundreds of florists glued to electronic screens tapped their keyboards to bid.This scene, more than a hundred million yuan of jade, antiques auction intense.As the auction price directly affects the price trend of the national flower market, Kunming Flower Auction Center is also known as the “weather vane” and “barometer” of Chinese flowers.In 2014, Kunming Flower Auction Center launched the first “fresh cut flower transaction price Index” in China.A month ago, the fresh cut flower trading price index was only around 280 points.By Valentine’s Day, the index had risen to 441.On February 10th, it rose above 1,100 points.Among them, roses saw the biggest increase, with the price of a single rose rising as high as 16.89 yuan.The flower industry is severely affected by weather, natural disasters and epidemics.On Valentine’s Day 2020, the hashtag “Millions of roses destroyed in a single day” went viral.Back then, the flower price index fell as low as 30 points as Yunnan’s flower industry was hit hard by snow storms and the COVID-19 pandemic.Even though the flowers are only a third of the usual price, they still don’t sell.The surge in flower prices, in addition to valentine’s Day “help”, Yunnan’s frequent snow and ice weather is also the main reason.It is understood that in the second half of 2021, the temperature in many areas of Yunnan is much lower than the same period of the previous year.The growing cycle is lengthening, leading to a sharp drop in supply.-2- “middlemen” once attracted a large amount of capital into the market, “now there is no stock, as soon as the fresh cut flowers of Dannan enter the market, some people accept them!”Asked for details about buying from the Dounan flower market, a Flower dealer in Beijing joked to Chuang Toutiao.As mentioned above, there are two main ways to price flowers, and bargaining through the market is one of them.In the past, when the price of flowers came out, florists from all over the country would bargain with flower farmers.But this year, as soon as flowers came in, someone took them all.Florist boss revealed that the industry is speculating that there may be capital in speculation.As early as five or six years ago, the flower industry had a draught.Flower e-commerce is many star capital, Internet giants in the eyes of the xiangbobo.In 2015, star Gao Yuanyuan cast her first angel round project “Spend some time”.Two years later, Lu’s Qinghan Fund participated in a series B round that took some time.It was founded by Zhu Yueyi, former co-founder and vice president of Yidao Yongche.In addition to Gao Yuanyuan and Lu Han, the investors who spend some time also include jingwei Venture capital, qingliu capital, plum blossom venture capital and other well-known investment institutions.Tencent and IDG are interested in ROSEONLY, a high-end brand.Different from the traditional flower farmers and florists in Yunnan, the entrepreneurs who play flower e-commerce are mostly well-connected and good at marketing.At the beginning of ROSEONLY, its founder, Pu Yi, who used to be a partner of Detong Capital and participated in projects such as Dianping and Infet, fully mobilized insiders and let Wang Xiaochuan, Gong Haiyan, Liu Chang and others help him promote.In addition, Yang mi, liu shishi, quinling and other people’s “with goods”, ROSEONLY in a short period of time became famous.In 2013, Tencent participated in ROSEONLY’s A-round financing;A year later, IDG participated in its Series B financing.In 2015, ROSEONLY obtained another 190 million yuan of financing, including yuansheng Capital, Junchuang Fund and other investors.Aishang Flowers (836638.OC) is one of the best, once listed on the New Third Board.In addition, “Brutalist”, “Hua Jia” and other brands are also participating.IT Orange data shows that from 2013 to 2017, a total of 47 financing deals took place in the field of flower e-commerce.Among them, 2016-2017 was the most frequent period of funding in this sector.A total of 32 deals were raised in the two years, accounting for nearly 70% of the total financing activities in the five years.With flowers e-commerce financing in step with the trend, there is the whole flower industry.Data from the National Forestry and Grassland Administration showed that the number of flower enterprises in China showed an overall upward trend from 2015 to 2017.The number of flower companies peaked at 59,989 in 2017.However, good times do not last long, did not insist on how long, part of the flower concept began to “wither”.In the first half of 2018, The net loss of Aishang Flowers reached 2.895 million yuan, and then it was exposed to beautify statements by brushing. In 2019, it was forced to delist for failing to disclose the annual report.In the first half of 2019, Huaji.com suffered a net loss of 1.108 million yuan. At the end of the same year, its shares were suspended from the SME board.”Flowers see flowers” announced the cancellation;”Doorman life” is also forced to leave because of the capital chain rupture……According to the incomplete statistics of Chuangtoutiao (ID: Ctoutiao), after 2020, the financing activities in the field of flower e-commerce almost fell into a “standstill” state, and only took some time to complete a round of financing at the beginning of 2021.At the same time, the number of flower companies is also decreasing.Brokerage research reports show that in 2020, the country’s flower enterprises less than 50,000, compared with 2017 reduced by more than 10,000.In fact, the cake of the flower industry is not small.The market size of flower e-commerce in China alone will reach 72 billion yuan in 2020, and it is expected to reach 80-100 billion yuan in 2021.Unfortunately, thanks to the support of live streaming platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou, the 100 billion cake’s profits are becoming smaller and smaller.On Douyin, the flowers are sold like this: “The original price of 89 yuan, now straight down 40 yuan” “want to buckle 1, I will drop 10 yuan”……A meal operation down, a few bunches of flowers hand less than 30 yuan.This is obviously the price that most flower e-commerce platform cannot give.Spend some time had tried to let Luo Yonghao in the trembling tape goods, the result was overturned.On May 15, 2020, Luo Yonghao put a rose product that took some time on the webcast.On May 5, Luo received a large number of complaints, many of which were related to quality problems, with many users saying the petals were rotten when they received the gift boxes.According to Zhu Yueyi, due to time constraints, the original rose packaging box could not meet the demand, so kraft paper was used instead of the original packaging, and the price of the product was reduced.Kraft paper acts as a moisture absorbent and ultimately causes the flowers to dehydrate.While the reason ultimately comes down to brown paper, there are plenty of complaints on the Black Cat about spending time waiting for the flower brand.According to ctoutiao, as of February 14, there were 180 complaints about taking time on black Cat complaints, most of which were about the quality of the flowers.Another flower e-commerce platform, Huajia, had more complaints, totaling nearly 500.The whole flower industry in China also has a weak industrial chain, less independent intellectual property rights and flower source supply dependent on foreign imports.Take the Netherlands for example, in the Netherlands, there are many flower research institutions.On average, the Netherlands produces 800-1,000 new varieties a year, making it the dominant flower market at the top end.Although the flower industry in Yunnan looks prosperous, due to the small-scale peasant economy, only 30% of high-quality flowers can be transported to all parts of the country at high prices, and the remaining nearly 70% of flowers are sold at low prices due to substandard quality.Li Shushi of Yunnan University has published an article entitled “Integrating yunnan Flower Sales Model”.China’s total area of flower cultivation ranks first in the world, 10 times larger than the Netherlands.But the flower export volume of Holland accounts for more than 70% of the world flower market, and our country only accounts for 0.5%.”The flower industry in Yunnan has put a lot of effort into making only peanuts.”This is one of the reasons why the flower industry is vulnerable to the epidemic, weather and other problems.Consumption is upgrading, so is the quality of flowers.If florists don’t work hard, young people will buy ice Cream on Valentine’s Day.