Focus on the provincial NPC and CPPCC with the voice of the people to build good words: promote qiubei pu black ecological protection and governance

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In recent years, Wenshan Municipal Party Committee and state government attach great importance to ecological environmental protection and management, and strive to become the pacesetter of ecological environmental protection in the province.Especially in the protection and management of Qiubei Puzhehei wetland in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the superior, strengthen the supervision of protected natural areas, strengthen biodiversity protection, in-depth implementation of ecological system protection and restoration projects.However, due to the vast majority of planned ecological projects are purely public welfare, there are difficulties such as high investment intensity, long recovery cycle and low economic benefits, which make it difficult to start and implement the conservation and management projects.The Report on the Work of the Government points out that efforts should be made to protect and improve the ecological environment, creating a new picture of the beauty of Yunnan.We will strengthen ecological conservation and promote sustainable economic and social development with higher standards and stricter requirements.Attend the province of the fifth session of the thirteenth National People’s Congress (NPC) of wenshan delegation on behalf of the proposal, the provincial government to the black lake protection projects into the mountain, water, forest, farm, lake, grass and sand protection and restoration demonstration project and provincial “difference” key river basin water ecological environment planning, declare the key river basin water environment comprehensive treatment special funds and special bond funds,Strive to establish funds for puzhehei Lake protection and governance, and include them in provincial and national audit lists, coordinate provincial enterprises or central enterprises to participate in puzhehei Lake protection and governance, and solve the financing difficulties of Puzhehei Lake governance project.This station reporter: Zhang Leibo Lu Chaoxue editor: Xiao Qi production: Feng Minglan