Ju Jingyi is shooting the fourth celestial Sword. Her hair style is very clever, and her teddy fur jacket is so cute

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Hello, everyone, I am BIU fashion, happy to share with you again star fashion and matching tips!I hope my article makes you more interested in fashion, so that you, who are good-looking, are more charming!There are a lot of fashion clothing styles, but there are not so many fashion styles that can be suitable for their own, but in fact, as long as they have the level of appearance and figure, then no matter how ordinary clothing modeling, there will be a more scene-stealing beauty.So in the choice of clothing collocation, it is possible to use some of the more luxurious clothing style to match their own, such clothing collocation, can let their image has a more expensive fashion effect., for example, at the time of collocation, using a light luxury fashion style to match himself, in such a fashion collocation, is also can make themselves more attractive image of a garment, and, in the usual fashion choices more access to some features of fashion sheet is tasted can let yourself a little more advanced.Recently, Ju Jingyi appeared in the “Xianjian Four” boot scene, Ju Jingyi’s choice of clothing modeling, there is a light luxury fashion effect, although the clothing is modern, but Ju Jingyi’s hair style is ancient style in the play, such a fashion collocation, looking is also worth learning a fashion modeling.The fashion characteristics of light luxury style start from clothing. When choosing light luxury fashion collocation, the representative one should be to use some clothing choices during collocation, so as to make the image more prominent. It is suggested to use some personalized fashion clothing materials during collocation.For example, when matching, use some fuzzy fashion style, or when matching, add some high-end fashion fabrics retro, so that will make the image a little more perfect.Advice at the time of collocation and choice, can use some displayed his body clothing modelling, so also can let oneself of the image look more perfect, and at the time of collocation and choice, suggest to use some pure color fashion effect, so as not to let his own fashion so self-conscious, also make the effect of fashion has a kind of avant-garde.Starting from the jewelry store light luxury fashion designs, of course, is not only by some clothing collocation can present a good result for fashion, so in collocation and choice, also should pay attention to some details of the modelling, Suggestions on collocation, use some jewelry collocation, the image of this way, also can let oneself look very have an advantage, too.And when choosing jewelry, also can use some more prominent, and also more window modelling, this will make their image more feel that kind of luxury, but, after all, is the fashion ornament effect, so don’t use that kind of feeling too grandiose, can make the image more advanced.Light luxury fashion clothes recommend choosing feathers to make his own clothing modelling is special, then at the time of collocation, using some have personality, fashion elements, such as at the time of collocation, using feather fashion elements, such as fashion modelling look more easily fashion effect, also can let the dress looked at farewell ordinary fashion effect.This is a very practical combination.When choosing clothes, suggest to use some more fresh fashionable color, so for girls age is small, also is a kind of fashion collocation, more appropriate advice at the time of collocation, direct access to the fashion effect of pinkish purple, so making the fashion feeling, looking at is that relatively high-end fashion taste.In fact, when matching Japanese idol clothes, there are also some light luxury fashion models with pure effect that are also popular. Although the clothes look clean and without any decorations, the matching image of such clothes is also from the inside out.Sending out a kind of more advanced effect, in the collocation of clothing, you can use some punchline, so that the image will have a perfect feeling, for example, when collocation, with soft plush material is a good choice.Well, that’s it for this episode.Remember to follow BIU Fashion for more fashion matching tips.If you have more on this episode, feel free to share with BiU Fashion in the comments section.Don’t forget to like and bookmark this episode if it gives you some practical inspiration and we’ll see you next time.