Kunshan, still sitting China’s first strong county!

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In 2021, Kunshan remains the strongest county in China.In fact, in the 1980s, kunshan’s economic strength was even lower than that of changshu, Zhangjiagang and other county-level cities.At that time, China’s first top 100 counties list, Kunshan was ranked after 20, strength is not considered top.However, in the 21st century, Relying on its own advantages, Kunshan seized the opportunity of development and achieved a miracle of the development of China’s strong county.With the gradual rise of Kunshan, the Kunshan model has also begun to enter our vision.It is reported that the characteristics of the Kunshan model is to obtain some non-agricultural construction land quota through reclamation, land transfer rights are not all owned by the collective, farmers can also work alone.The Kunshan model enables local farmers to obtain more land value-added income, and at the same time makes full use of entrepreneur resources among farmers.According to the statistics bureau of Kunshan, in 2021, the gross regional product of Kunshan reached 474.806 billion yuan, an increase of 7.8% over the previous year.In terms of specific industries, the added value of kunshan’s primary industry was 3.118 billion yuan, the added value of the secondary industry was 246.274 billion yuan, and the added value of the tertiary industry was 225.414 billion yuan.It is worth pointing out that Kunshan’s GDP growth rate is the highest in recent years.As a county-level city, Kunshan can achieve this growth rate under such a high economic aggregate, which is enough to reflect the real strength of its own industry.Kunshan although excellent, but the province of Jiangyin has been closely chasing.According to the Jiangyin Bureau of Statistics, jiangyin’s GDP reached 458.033 billion yuan in 2021, ranking second among county-level cities in China.Public information shows that the industrial output value of Jiangyin exceeds 600 billion yuan and there are many private enterprises. Jiangyin is the county-level city with the strongest capital strength and the largest number of listed companies among the county-level cities in China.During the same period, jiangyin’s port cargo throughput reached 338 million tons, up 31.74 percent year on year.Therefore, jiangyin’s industry, capital and trade logistics have been effectively linked.According to this trend, the total GDP of kunshan and Jiangyin counties and cities is expected to exceed 500 billion yuan in the short term.At present, in China’s central and western regions, only a few prefecture-level cities have broken through 500 billion, so the strength of Kunshan and Jiangyin can be imagined.Even in the east coast, 500 billion yuan is a standard for a strong economy.Looking up the data in recent years, in the face of Jiangyin, in fact, Kunshan’s advantages have been slowly established, began to sit the first strong county in China.In addition to GDP, Kunshan also has obvious advantages in other indicators, especially the general public budget revenue, which reflects financial resources.According to the kunshan Finance Bureau, the city’s general budget revenue was 46.688 billion yuan in 2021, up 9.1 percent from the previous year.Of this, tax revenue reached 41.148 billion yuan, accounting for 88.1 percent of the total tax revenue.The value added tax, corporate income tax and personal income tax in Kunshan increased by 12.1%, contributing 6.9 percentage points to the increase in general public budget revenue.During the same period, kunshan’s total import and export volume reached 106.612 billion US dollars, up 22.8% over the previous year.The total retail sales of social consumer goods in Kunshan have increased to 162.568 billion yuan, up 16.3% over the previous year.On the whole, Kunshan basically has no weaknesses, worthy of being the strongest county-level city in China.