New Year’s Eve today!Chengguan District party committee district government to the whole district people New Year!

2022-04-27 0 By

At the festive moment of ringing out the old year and welcoming the New Year to celebrate the Spring Festival, chengguan District Party Committee and district government extend sincere greetings to the people of the whole district to all the friends who care about and support chengguan construction and development extend New Year’s greetings to the workers who stick to their posts during the festival and pay high tribute to them!An extraordinary 2021 years has been in our hard work and look forward to a promising 2022 has arrived in our anticipation and embrace the past year under the concern and support of the district people’s chengguan have a new leap and breakthrough of the construction and development of it is of the general public the crystallization of the wisdom strength of the masses on the occasion of the arrival of the Chinese nation’s traditional New YearOn the occasion of chengguan District party committee district government special to the people of the whole district happy New Year!The New Year let us together to the future!I hope that the general public friends will continue to care for and support the development of the city, so that our city will always be full of upward power for good and warm and warm sunshine, and I sincerely wish you a lucky year of the Tiger, a tiger with wings, a tiger with prosperity, good health and a happy family!