Two down, two tied!Wang Shanshan is absolutely flat!The Chinese women’s soccer team took the match to penalty shootout!

2022-04-27 0 By

Wu Chengshu’s goal sent China’s women’s Soccer team into extra time to tie the match.Wang Shuang is absent from the game because of injury, which is a great loss for The Chinese women’s football team, Wang Shanshan was sent to the position of the central defender, “nine ball days” left the familiar opponent’s penalty area, back to their own penalty area, the performance is average!At the end of the match, As the captain of The Chinese Women’s football team and the second scorer of the Asian Women’s Football Team, Wang Shanshan helped the Chinese women’s football team to finish the goal in the opponent’s penalty area, which was also the fifth goal of Wang Shanshan in this World Cup, which helped the Chinese women’s football team equalize the score!The Chinese women’s football team fell behind twice and equalized the score twice. Under the condition that their physical ability was reduced to the limit, they equalized the score by the chance of set-piece kick.Congratulations to Chinese women’s soccer!Next will be a cruel penalty shootout, look forward to the Chinese women’s football team will play well, beat Japan, smoothly into the final!Come on, Chinese women’s football!