Beijing braces for heavy snowfall and cooling over the weekend

2022-04-28 0 By

Beijing will see a strong snowfall and a strong temperature drop from 12th to 14th in the morning. If you want to go to the Palace Museum to take snow scenery, you can set it on Sunday.1. Brief description of snowfall weather from December 12 to 14 There will be strong snowfall and strong cooling weather from the morning of December 12 to 14.This process is characterized by long duration of snowfall, large accumulative snowfall, significant cooling and low visibility.In the morning of the 12th, it snowed in the mountain area, and in the daytime, it snowed in the city gradually.The main snowfall period is from the night of 12th to midnight of 13th.Scattered snow still fell in some areas in the morning of The 14th.The snowfall gradually ended in the morning of 14th.Due to the obvious snowfall, visibility is reduced, the road is slippery, and snow and ice are easy to occur. Please pay attention to the forecast and warning information, and pay attention to traffic safety when traveling.There must be some friends who are concerned about whether they can go to the Forbidden City to take photos of the snow scenery. Xiaopi suggest that we can arrange a whole day on Sunday, be sure to pay attention to the cold and warm and traffic safety!Due to the continuous influence of cold air and snowfall, the temperature will drop significantly from The 12th, and the temperature will continue to be low from the 12th to the 19th, so your body will feel bleak and cold. Please pay attention to keep warm.There will be frequent snow and cold air activities around 3rd, 15th and 17th, and there will be snow around 15th and 17th. In view of the early time and the weather situation is still adjusting, please pay close attention to the forecast and warning information in time.Source: Chinese weather