Chinese romantic, amazing!Confidence in China, beautiful

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24 solar terms aesthetic romance, ice and snow rings crystal clear, environmental protection ignition unprecedented Beijing Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony, Chinese romantic, amazing!Confidence in China, so beautiful!From the poetic countdown of the 24 solar terms, the entry order of Chinese strokes and the gorgeous fireworks “Spring” (meaning “the beginning of spring”), to the water of the Yellow River, from the ice Cube gradually broken, to the crystal clear five rings of ice and snow…One is full of “Chinese romantic” creative links, full of Chinese style design, let a person look unforgettable;The dazzling digital light and shadow, the romantic snowflake torchpad, the unprecedented environmental lighting and the guests from all over the world make up a magnificent audio-visual feast. The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is bound to go down in the history of the Olympics.From 2008 to 2022, from the fireworks “big footprints” to the snow filled “Northern scenery”, when the Olympic Games meet again 14 years later, China has swagged into a new era.”Simple, safe and wonderful” is not only the creative principle of the opening ceremony, but also the concrete reflection of the confident and peaceful mentality of the Chinese people today.More calm in the face of the world, more brave in the wind and waves, more resolute in the cultural heritage.What the Chinese people presented to the world last night was not only the splendid opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, but also the confidence of China, the Confidence of the Chinese people, the confidence of China’s diplomacy and the confidence of Chinese culture.The opening ceremony.”This opening ceremony will be different from the one in Beijing in 2008, but it will be just as exciting,” said International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach.Katsukatsu Komatsu, a reporter from The Tokyo Sports daily, cheered at times during the opening ceremony.”The fireworks were great today and the design to light up the winter with bright greens and blues was great.The square dancers are very cute.The ceremony was simple but beautiful, with many Elements of Chinese culture.It was cold, but everyone was excited.””Komatsu said.”I thought the opening ceremony was very modern.There are a lot of low carbon elements, reflecting the concept of green Olympic, the overall design is particularly good.I like the ‘peace doves’ at the end. They symbolize peace and move me very much.”Yulia, a Russian volunteer, said.”Chinese aesthetics” poetic, confident China, good beauty!”Fire” to “light fire”!On the night of February 4, the cauldron was unveiled in a surprising way at the Bird’s Nest National Stadium.To “no ignition” instead of “lit”, to “small fire” instead of raging fire, the transmission of low-carbon, environmental protection of the green Olympic concept, the realization of the Olympic history of a ignition innovation.The main torch.Xinhua Photo “the biggest innovation of the opening ceremony is the ignition method and the torch platform design, which is unprecedented in the 100-year Olympic history: the burning Fire of the Olympic Games, turned into a holy snowflakes, smart small flame, this idea comes from the concept of low-carbon environmental protection.”Zhang Yimou, general director of the opening ceremony, said that the Olympic flame is an important symbol of the Olympic spirit. As the concept of environmental protection becomes more and more popular, he firmly believes that the form of the past burning fire will change someday, and the Beijing Winter Olympics will seize the opportunity.”The change was subversive, and sometimes I even asked myself if I was deviating.In the end, this plan won the support of the International Olympic Committee, which shows that no matter the size of the flame, as long as the fire lit in everyone’s heart, it is the brightest fire!”Before, the previous opening ceremony of the ignition method is how to “point” on the issue, but this time, the biggest change is “not point”, put the last torch directly on the main torch platform.”Everyone’s first reaction must be very surprised. It’s good for the audience to have questions. I believe this kind of ignition can well popularize the concept of low-carbon environmental protection.”Zhang yimou said.Straight to the heart!”The whole opening ceremony was completed by ordinary people from all walks of life, volunteers and athletes, a total of about 3,000 people participated,” said the representative of 56 national flags.”The opening ceremony focuses on increasing public participation and showing the spirit of today’s Chinese people to the world,” Zhang said.The national flag of the People’s Republic of China enters the stadium.People carrying the national flag at the opening ceremony included representatives from all walks of life and 56 ethnic groups in China.They express the feelings and relationship between the people and the national flag by hand to hand.At the same time, a child trumpeter played the melody of “My Country and I.”Zhang said the IOC allows host countries to elaborate on the important part of the entrance of the national flag.”Ordinary people hand to hand, it doesn’t seem like there’s any exciting performance, but it’s the people who make up the greatness of our country.”Water from the Yellow River!The five rings of ice and snow “break out of the ice”, a bit of ink dripping, transformed into “water from the Sky of the Yellow River” pentium, pouring down from the “bowl mouth” of the bird’s nest, covering the whole hall, a water rising from the center, condensed into a crystal clear “ice cube”.Twenty-four lasers are projected from high, carving in reverse.Ice hockey players swing “ball”, “ice Cube” gradually broken, the huge ice and snow rings from the true face, slowly rising.Then, the six ice blocks jointly open the “China gate” directly behind the field……The “Ice and Snow Rings” at the opening ceremony.Zhang Yimou explains the fantastic ideas in the presentation of the five rings: technological content, cultural charm, and cool modern sense.”The Water of the Yellow River from heaven” is full of Chinese aesthetic interest and beauty of landscape painting;The 24 lasers represent the 24 Winter Olympics. The sculpture of “Icecube” has a deep meaning of carving history and time. In this process, all previous Winter Olympics are reviewed one by one.The six ice blocks represent the six winter Olympic sports.Enter the Chinese team!The most exciting moment was the entrance of the Chinese sports delegation dressed in red.Wear Chinese red!To the tune of ode to the Motherland, the Chinese delegation entered the stadium waving the national flag.Skeleton bobsledder Zhao Dan and speed skater Gao Tingyu were the flag-bearers of the Chinese delegation at the opening ceremony. The flag-bearers looked really beautiful and cute!The Chinese team entered the stadium.Compared with the past, the Chinese sports delegation presented the largest scale, the most complete projects, gender balance, a wide range of sources, multi-ethnic, young and other characteristics.The largest size – the total number of Chinese sports delegation is 387 people, is the history of Chinese sports delegation to participate in the largest winter Olympics.Beautiful and romantic!Instead of focusing on the pomp and crowd tactics, the opening ceremony will showcase traditional Chinese romance and aesthetics through creative highlights, Mr. Zhang said.Countdown performance.Xinhua Photo: The 2008 Olympic Games, impressive 29 fireworks footprint, the spectacular beat fou countdown, let countless People remember.This time, the countdown to the 24 solar terms also shows the Chinese style.”It’s a perfect coincidence that the opening ceremony coincides with start of Spring, one of the 24 solar terms, symbolizing growth and a new beginning.””The 24 solar terms embody the ancient Wisdom of the Chinese people to observe nature,” Zhang said. “They represent a picturesque landscape as the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter change. They embody the flourishing poetic charm of winter’s passing and spring’s coming, and the Chinese people’s outlook on life, values and the universe.””In terms of presentation, we select a representative image for each solar term, with beautiful or dynamic images of the Winter Olympics and ice and snow, which are closely aligned with the Olympic theme, and realize the connection between ancient and modern, refreshing.”Tiger-head hat, tiger-head shoes, tiger-head shirt!After the children in the mountains came on stage to sing the Olympic flag, 44 innocent children perfectly interpreted the Olympic Anthem “Olympic Hymn” in Greek with pure and ethereal sounds of nature, which rocked the audience.Somewhat surprisingly, these children are all from five rural primary schools in Nanzhuang Town, fuping county of Baoding, Hebei province, the revolutionary base area of Taihang Mountain. They are real “mountain children”, and it is the first time for most of them to appear on a formal stage in their lives.The Malan Children’s Choir sang in Greek at the opening ceremony.Xinhua Photo/Zhang Yimou “Fuping county was a state-level poverty-stricken county.Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), China has won the battle against poverty as planned, and the once impoverished mountainous areas have taken on a new look. Children wearing tiger hats designed by folk artists from Hebei province will stand on the Olympic stage and interpret the Olympic concept of ‘Swifter, Higher, Stronger — More United’ with simple songs.”(Source: Xinhua)