Korean fairy zhang Lushui: the banquet and the king act in public, the ministers too ashamed not to report to the Ming Dynasty

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Birds are beautiful in their feathers, and men in their hearts.An ugly heart, even if it has a gorgeous exterior, will reveal its nature sooner or later after a long time together.And ugly appearance, but has a kind heart, after a long time together, will also feel that she is very beautiful.People are born with a good nature, but people’s understanding is different, resulting in different behavior.Some people use beauty to seduce the enemy, for this great contribution, will be remembered forever.Some people also use beauty to be remembered by everyone, but it is to warn posterity not to be seduced by beauty again, because this kind of person uses beauty to seek personal gains, even persecuted the whole country, foreign beauty disaster water, in the end ridiculous to what extent?The has a beautiful appearance woman named green water, her father a few, but nothing has nothing to do with her, never because of his father’s position, and she enjoyed the along while miss life, because she’s concubine, and huotang legally to stabilize your own position, very bitter, her mother had been bullied by her, her husband.Both mother and daughter were servants in the family. Once, Because Zhang Lushui did not understand the difference in status, she called out her father and was beaten violently. Since then, she could see her father every day, but she did not dare to call out any more.Not only that, his father sold his daughter into brothel, zhang Lushui no way to retreat can only lose dignity.There was no use resisting in this dark place; she had to find a way to turn herself around.Her appearance is comely, the figure is very good, attracted a lot of men, and even called her to accompany, in addition to the appearance is outstanding, she also sings very well, gradually, she became the brothel with these two advantages.To her, these men were like tools, at her fingertips.Later, she was qi ‘an grand Prince of a manservant redemption, with her husband to serve the grand prince, a lot of maids in the house, but are mediocre qualifications, Zhang Lushui stood out in a banquet, attracted the attention of the grand prince, her chance to turn over.At this time, Zhang Lushui is already 30 years old second marriage woman, has given birth to a son, but the figure did not go out of shape, as if or a girl in general.Her beauty made the people who came to visit the maharajah linger, and every time they came to ask her to dance for them. They were used to good words and all kinds of flattery, and the maharajah was very proud.But in Zhang Lushui’s mind, despite the day after day of happy life, she was still a lowly maid. She was very unhappy, and her ambition would not allow her to stay where she was.Soon, her beauty spread to the ears of emperor Yanshanjun, she knew the opportunity came, Yanshanjun is a particularly lustful monarch, of course, will not let Go of Zhang Lushui, directly recruited her into the palace.Yanshan jun embrace beauty return, accompany in Zhang Lvshui all day around, every day wine lovers, indulge in gentle country, he completely madly in love with Zhang Lvshui, regardless of public opposition, must seal her as princess.Zhang Lushui is rising successively in the position of the palace, take advantage of this opportunity, she supported his relatives, also stable their position.A lot of people in the palace thought is not correct, looking at Zhang Lushui in the palace like a duck to water, want to please her, so that their promotion.As his position grew stronger and stronger, zhang Lushui took the opportunity to blow the wind in the monarch’s ear.The emperor was usually bad-tempered, but when he saw Zhang Lushui, his temper disappeared and his face lit up with joy.When he heard what had happened to his beloved concubine, he became furious and promised to avenge her, so many of his ministers suffered severe damage.There are more absurd things, a banquet in the palace, Zhang Lushui every way to lure the monarch, two people should be wearing the face of shame, ministers all angry, the monarch’s absurd, not cooking state, can be reported to the Ming Dynasty, but really ashamed to say.Everyone called Zhang Lushui is a “demon”, her appearance, destroyed a country, such as Su Daji general, the scourge of the people.The monarch does not deal with political affairs, but also allows his concubine to mess around, Zhang Lushui thinks that there is no good in the world, she is no longer willing to believe in all kinds of good, including Confucianism.Later, she bewitched the monarch, and with many servants and wine and delicacies, she ran amok in the temples and academies, forcing the monks to eat wine and meat, which brought bad influence to many students.They drove the civilians out of the city and razed their houses to the ground. With a lot of manpower, they rebuilt a hunting ground in which they played and hunted.To maintain the fresh feeling of monarch, Zhang Lushui catches all the woman she is satisfied with for monarch to enjoy, in these women, some are underage, some have been born to have a child, Zhang Lushui ignores, make a lot of families encounter disaster, she “beastly female” the identity sits solid.Later, the “Zhongzong coup” was launched in Korea, and Lord Yeonsan was finally overthrown.Conclusion: Her husband is exiled, zhang Lushui is isolated and reviled by the public. Her crimes are listed one by one and she is beheaded.She could have done useful things, such as improving the status of women, but instead she lived a ridiculous life, allowing herself to make mistakes over and over again.As the king of yanshan, addicted to beauty, not qualified to sit in this position, waste for the monarch.