My mother-in-law in the countryside is young and pretty, and we are said to be like sisters

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As soon as I got out of the car, my aunt leaned out from the window, AND I called my aunt, my aunt answered the sound.I had to go home to my mom before I could talk to her.Oh, oh, I heard my slow aunt behind me. Who is that next to you?I almost forgot, this time I’m going home with not only the father but also my mother-in-law.It was the first time for my mother-in-law to come to my home.Her mother-in-law.We made haste to introduce each other, Aunt.Your mother-in-law?”Your mother-in-law is so young and beautiful,” my aunt said, her tone becoming more pronounced.Mother-in-law heard the words, the face of the smile lines layer upon layer of ripples open, not young, are more than 60.More than 60?My aunt looked up and down suspiciously at her mother-in-law as if she were looking in a peepshow, saying, less than fifty?I looked over at my mother-in-law. She had short brown wavy hair, a long dark red suit lined with a white turtleneck sweater, and black wide-legged pants.Facial expression because take long bus still some tired look.I’m in a hurry to get home and walk back to my aunt, who’s ten years older than you.When I got home, I had just finished drinking the boiled water my mother poured for us. Before we exchanged a few greetings, there were people saying hello one after another at the door.Come back?I heard your mother-in-law was here, too?In the countryside, the biggest advantage is that no matter who comes to the guests, they can spread throughout the village in seconds, like typhoon speed.I’m sure they didn’t come to see me, but to see my mother-in-law.Sure enough, they all uniformly ask me, your mother-in-law is really more than 60?How can you lie at that age?I repeated affirmations over and over again.I wonder if my mother-in-law would ask me if I told her that she only dyed her hair brown because she was white.Your mother-in-law is so young, you can hardly tell she is over sixty.Forty is more like it.I thought it was your sister………………….They discussed it with much the same conclusion.I also this year 60, than your mother-in-law also small a few years old, you see me, flower aunts pull me, sigh way, appearance than your mother-in-law several years old more than.I compared mother-in-law and flower aunt, just a judge.Spend aunts standard face and thin figure vaguely become young handsome appearance, just old and horizontal blue autumn dress like perennial did not wash, in the mother-in-law red and white configuration is somewhat eclipsed.The main thing is that the flower aunts always sigh and scowling, the whole person is preoccupied.As for my mother-in-law, every crow’s foot is blooming.The original young appearance can only be stored in the photo album of the years, or from the inside out of the temperament long more new.Appearance easy old, temperament in the heart.The so-called “white hair wearing flowers jun mo smile, time never defeated beauty” generally so.Surely spend aunts know, but she can not do it.Alas alas, laborious life, there is no way.Flower aunts sigh, envy, and self-pity.Who in this world does not work?My father-in-law died of a heart attack years ago.The mother-in-law is a rural woman, in order to pay off the tens of thousands of debts owed by the treatment of her father-in-law, raising the minor brother and sister, she sold insurance, as a cleaner, nanny, waiter, peddler……Life is full of chicken feathers.Even so, her mother-in-law would clean herself up and dress her sister beautifully to go to school, never lazy about daily chores because of family difficulties.Even if life is better now, my mother-in-law is just as busy.Up and down the hill, running the house, taking care of the grandchildren…Top dog at home and abroad.With the improvement of living standards, the quality of life is also rising with the rising tide, my mother-in-law is more clean and beautiful than before.In her words: good days are busy out of their own, of course, can not lose their own.In my impression, aunt Hua was a flower in the village when she was young, and her dress was also one of the best. She stood out from the crowd.Now that living conditions are better, how could she lose her charm instead?Aunt Hua, I still like you as you were, not young and beautiful.I’m old, I’ve got a lot of shit, I don’t have that mind anymore.Flower aunt or sigh.Why do you think so much?Mother-in-law comfort flower aunt, old, nosy, not idle, have time to dance square, sweating and detoxification, prolong life ah.It’s a little bit…I heard an inappropriate murmur in the crowd.Rural old lady 60 years old should wear what kind?Shouldn’t you dress well?Not good enough to wear?Who said that?Is anything that is not pretty pleasing anywhere and at any time?The love of beauty is universal, regardless of age, male or female, regardless of urban or rural areas, ok?In such a low voice, she must have felt she had no courage to say this.Flowers like clothes cloud also want to let.Who would you like to see, a well-dressed and stylish person and an unkempt person standing together?Who do you hate?I think it’s jealousy.My mother was worried that some unpleasant remark would hurt her feelings, so she made excuses to say goodbye.The mother-in-law laughed and stopped.’I don’t want to look good for anyone else,’ she says.Yeah, living in the eyes of others, you can never be yourself.After all, there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand eyes.Mama, may you be beautiful and love life for the rest of your life.