Pursue the important reason for being alive

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What’s your reason for living?Life is given by all, it exists by its own power, and no force is opposed to it or threatens it.Have you ever had that experience?When you’re single, you don’t have to think too much about anything.When you become a parent for the first time, your life may be different and you will have a lot to worry about.For example, you might not have liked to wear a seat belt in the car before, but when you become a parent, you wear a seat belt when you get in the car, because you know you have children, so you can’t die easily.Similarly, if you’re doing a dangerous job and you don’t have kids you might be ahead of the game, when you’re a parent, you’re less impulsive because you’re alive and important to your kids.You probably have this mentality: “I can’t die easily.”As the years go by, however, some people begin to feel less needed by their families, and the thought of “I must not die” becomes less important.For example, those single people without children do not mean that they do not want to live, but that even if they die, they will not have too much to care about.Similarly, if the gray-haired person in the family has passed away, you don’t have to give away the gray-haired person.So the belief that “I can’t die” doesn’t hold true for some people.If you don’t have a lot of happiness in your life, you don’t feel like your life is wonderful.Or the feeling that there is nothing you have to do at this point in your life, that deep down in your subconscious mind, you might as well die now.Everyone may have their own reasons why they should never die.For example, when some students said they didn’t want to die, I would tell them, “Go and borrow money.”My classmates would ask me, “Why?”Because there is a Chinese tradition that when you owe someone money, you must pay it back before you die.And do it slowly. If you do it too quickly, it means you’re done.Some people have a reason not to die, and others have a reason to die.For example, these people think: “After I die, I trust my husband to take good care of their children, who may not need me;My wife is financially independent and is perfectly capable of raising our children without me.My parents and other children can live happily without me;I feel my life is more complete now.”Therefore, in everyone’s subconscious, there is a “must live for whom and why” reason.The example of the plane crash that my teacher Seth mentioned, the people who got on the plane crash, they didn’t have a belief that they couldn’t die. Instead, deep down in their minds, they had a belief that it was okay to die.I hope these examples will inspire you to explore each and every one of you.For existence, do you have a firm reason why you must not die for someone or something?For example, my mother has not been feeling well recently and has asked my second sister to take her shopping for new shoes because her granddaughter is getting married next year.Mom is building a subconscious: “I want to live at least until my granddaughter gets married.”You’ll find a lot of old people looking for a reason to live.Have you found a reason for your life to live?There must be.Every one of us is looking for it, otherwise we wouldn’t be looking forward to tomorrow.Life comes from all, and life is a manifestation that follows the inner determination of each of us until life’s own purpose is fulfilled.Author | hsu sheng from the nature of the soul “edit | | audio book catcher mind click ☞ Seth college watch more hsu sheng physician’s public speech author introduction: xu tian sheng, the world famous psychologists and psychiatrists, dynamics, the founder of the mind and the global spread of the messenger, prolific writer of psychology, philanthropist, and entrepreneurs.Wheat Field soul is committed to the implementation of xu Tiansheng’s psychodynamics, as well as the professional knowledge from the Seth philosophy system in the United States into daily life, so that everyone has the opportunity to get professional, warm and powerful support, and comprehensively improve the overall healthy growth of everyone’s body and mind!