The dehong branch of Guoshou Property Insurance was fined 420,000 yuan for compiling false financial information

2022-04-28 0 By

China Network Finance on January 28, according to CBRC website news, CBRC Dehong Regulatory Branch published administrative penalty information disclosure form (DEUTSCHE Bank Regulatory Penalty Decision [2022] No. 1) shows that China Life and Property Insurance Co., LTD. Dehong State Central branch involved in three violations as follows:A, prepare false financial information, using the individual agent fictional intermediary business taking charge three, giving the insured outside interests dehong regulatory bureau under the insurance contract on the basis of the insurance law of the People’s Republic of China (1) of article one hundred and seventy of the, article one hundred and sixty-one, a fine of 420000 yuan to its, punishment date on January 24, 2022.