Liaoning Province “14th Five-year plan” emergency response system development plan published

2022-04-29 0 By

Liaoning province “14th Five-year” Emergency Response System Development Plan announced to 2025 significantly enhance the ability of the whole society to prevent and deal with disasters and accidents recently, our province issued “Liaoning Province” 14th Five-year “emergency response System Development Plan”, proposed that by 2025, the province’s emergency management system and capacity modernization has made significant progress,Production safety situation, comprehensive disaster prevention and mitigation stabilizing positive, total production safety accidents continue to fall, the natural disaster prevention level improved significantly, the whole society to prevent will markedly enhance its capability of response to the disposal of disasters and accidents, to cultivate more than three provincial emergency industry technology innovation center (key laboratory), more than 30 new comprehensive disaster reduction demonstration community.The province has complex terrain and landform, a large number of mines, and developed petrochemical industry and metal smelting industry, so emergency management is facing severe challenges.To this end, the province has identified the main tasks of creating a unified, authoritative and efficient governance model, cultivating a new ecology of good law and good governance, enhancing resilience of disaster and accident resistance, and improving the efficiency of emergency rescue.During the 14th Five-year Plan period, the province continued to promote the reform of the system and mechanism, improved the local hierarchical response mechanism, and further straightened out the command mechanism of flood and drought prevention, forest and grassland fire prevention and earthquake relief.It is necessary to consolidate the responsibility of emergency management, strengthen the responsibility of territoriality and implement the responsibility of enterprises.Laying solid foundation emergency rule of law, local rules and regulations to carry out emergency management regulations to establish, modify, to carry out the “who’s who law enforcement the franco-prussian” stressing the responsibility system, increase the typical case of the franco-prussian propaganda, advance the “Internet + law enforcement”, strictly implement the administrative law enforcement of the public, to record the law enforcement process, three major law enforcement decision legal audit system.To prevent and defuse major risks, our province will strengthen the prevention and control of risk sources, comprehensively carry out urban risk assessment, and improve the consultation mechanism of planning safety risk assessment.Make full use of the Internet of Things, satellite remote sensing, video recognition, 5G and other technologies to achieve secure and networked monitoring in key industries;We will deepen efforts to address the root causes of production safety, strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers, and carry out special campaigns to improve key industries and areas of production safety.Strengthen the ability to deal with urgent, difficult, dangerous and heavy tasks, and comprehensively improve the standardization, specialization and professionalism of the comprehensive fire rescue team;Strengthen professional rescue teams in the industry, strengthen aviation and maritime emergency rescue forces, and speed up the establishment of a two-hour aviation emergency rescue network covering areas prone to disasters and accidents.We will develop social emergency response forces.To enhance the guarantee of catastrophe response, our province will further improve the emergency plan system based on the overall emergency plan of the province, the provincial special emergency plan as the support, and the emergency plan of departments and enterprises and institutions. According to the classification and classification standards of emergencies, the hierarchical response process will be standardized and the emergency response measures will be refined.To promote the construction of national, provincial, municipal and county emergency material storage, and build a central emergency material storage in Shenyang.In addition, our province will also enhance emergency management innovation ability to ascend, major risk control ability and raise their comprehensive ability to support ascension, such as the direction of the five key project construction, during the period of “difference”, strive for more than 30 has formed the characteristics of our province emergency rescue equipment products, complete disaster accurately evaluate innovation more than 6 items, and many other achievements.(Reporter Liu Lu)