You don’t have to change too much to be happier

2022-04-30 0 By

Life in a hurry, we are busy every day, and sometimes even don’t know what are you up to, dedicated work every day, every day seems to be hard life, but always have a feeling, what is the feeling that all did, and feel nothing to do, every day, sometimes feel very lonely, but don’t know in what to do.”So boring,” we sometimes hear people say. Is there really nothing to do?But it can be hectic, and some people really don’t have anything to do, don’t know what makes sense, or what’s worth doing.It seems that we can do a lot of things every day, but we don’t know what to do, so let’s just do this.In fact, I give myself a lot of time every day, and sleep time is also very adequate, but it seems that every day sleep is not good, in fact, the psychological feeling is not too much, this may be a subconscious thing.Brush the video, see a lot of rich second generation or rich people are constantly playing, playing cars, playing handsome, beauty, maybe I should buy a lottery to win the big prize to end it all.But if you think about it, even if you buy the lottery and you win the first prize, it doesn’t change much in today’s economy, if you think about 5 million after taxes and donations, you’re left with 4 million, 4 million in the big city is just a down payment or something, and then what?You still have a lot of debt to pay off, and if you don’t have a lot of money, you might have a harder time than you do now.Some people may have the resources to invest and make money, but most people don’t get into those areas and don’t have a lot of experience, so who knows if they’ll make money in the end.Whether we want money, fame or anything else, the ultimate goal is actually the same, that is to improve happiness, change chaos, but to make their own life more comfortable, more realistic.Is there a simple and effective way to increase happiness rather than doing nothing and worrying about it?It is some actually, the following points offer to do reference.First, make a list. Write down what’s important to you and then do something you enjoy on a regular basis. This will put your life on a positive track.If you’re not sure what you like to do, don’t wait. Go out and find new things to do and meet new people. When you do, people are not as unfriendly as you expected.Secondly, keep a regular and healthy diet. In fact, we probably know something about diet, for example, you shouldn’t eat a lot of carbohydrates every day. Drinking water is definitely healthier.Sometimes we are in a bad mood, indeed there is a certain connection with diet, if the diet is not good, irregular work and rest, the body will feel tired, and feedback to your spirit, the spirit will show fatigue.Of course, goals can be small, such as eating one more vegetable per day, or drinking one more glass of water per day instead of one drink per day.Third, try to exercise, and also from small start, of course we envy those eight pieces of abdominal muscle, tendon, the workhorse saw are shy of that kind of, but that is only a few people, as long as we to a little less, feel to the task, you can do with the increasing of body, gradually increase the workout.We all know that exercise is good for our mental health, but it can also make us beautiful. Isn’t that a twofold thing?Fourth, try to spend some time in meditation, meditation will help you complete your inner needs, the connection between the past and the future, this will also help you to improve your connection with the world, make your mind clearer.None of the above actually need to be too hard on yourself, but start doing it slowly from small to big, and you will find that you don’t care too much about a lot of external unimportant things, and endless comparison, happiness will improve.So what else can you do to improve your happiness? Please share!