Zhushan, Hubei: Public hearing delivers procuratorial warmth in winter

2022-04-30 0 By

“The prosecution’s leniency saved my family and made me feel the warmth and care of the prosecution in the cold winter.”On January 26, the Procuratorate of Zhushan County, Hubei province, held a public hearing on a suspected traffic accident involving deputies of Zhushan County, people’s supervisors of Shiyan City, members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), investigation organs, parties involved in the case and representatives of grassroots organizations.It is reported that at 10:30 on October 27,2021, Wang caused the vehicle to roll over due to improper operation of the tractor, causing injuries to the victim.On January 4, 2022, Wang was transferred to the Zhushan County Procuratorate for review and prosecution on suspicion of traffic accident crime.The prosecution after the review that suspect Wang mou after the case, can truthfully confess the facts of the crime, actively compensate the victim, voluntary confession, signed a confession of punishment, and both sides have reached a compensation agreement, obtain the victim’s understanding, according to law can be lenient.Hearing, undertake procurator on the facts of the case, the application of law, the reason for not prosecuting made a detailed introduction.The hearing officer fully expressed opinions, agreed that the suspect Wang after the incident actively protect the scene, rescue the injured and waiting for the police disposal at the scene, to the case can sincerely repent, the crime is relatively minor, agree with the prosecution to make a relatively non-prosecution decision.”The public hearing was held at the village committee where the crime occurred, which not only allowed us to learn legal knowledge, but also made us fully feel the fairness and justice of the prosecution in handling the case.”Come to attend the hearing grassroots organization representative said.”The procuratorial hearing allows all parties to fully participate in the handling and decision-making of the case in such a visible and audible way, so as to manage the people’s side with the ultimate standard.Small case & # 39;To constantly meet the people’s new expectations and demands for procuratorial work in the new era, and strive to close the case.”Rao Zhengyong, director of the hospital’s first procuratorial department, said at the end of the hearing.Source: Justice Network