Lei Jiayin’s new drama “The World” started, dare and spring night rush to receive, no problem “drama king”

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Finally, CCTV drama “the world”!Whether a TV drama can be popular depends not only on the play itself, but also on the right time, location and people.With the Spring Festival approaching, the Internet is full of news about the Gala, attracting the attention of the audience.”The World” premiered on the night of January 28.As CCTV opens the year big drama, “the world” is to have this confidence.The show’s strength comes from three main sources, let me tell you slowly.A lot of people watch TV series, the first look at the cast, if the actors are all powerful, old drama, that the play is absolutely not bad.”The World” is directed by Li Lu and served as the chief producer, Lei Jiayin, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yin Tao starring, and Ding Yongdai, Cheng Taishen, Sa Ri na, Song Chunli, Zhang Kaili, Yu Zhen, Zhang Ruihan, Feng Lei, Wang Yang, Sui Junbo, Bai Zhidi, Huang Xiaolei, Hu Lianxin, Wu Xingjian and many other actors to join.”The World” is a group of characters of the TV series, many small people, each has a distinct personality, is the real portrayal of the bottom people in that era.Lei Jiayin, as chow Bingkun, the first male actor in the drama, has not been broadcast before the audience’s affirmation, although he participated in many variety shows, but his acting has been online.Last year, Lei played the role of scientist Yu Min in “Meritorious Deeds,” which was praised by audiences for portraying both the rough-hewn appearance of a frankenstein and the seriousness and rigor of a scientific wizard.Song Jia plays the role of Zhou Rong, the elder sister of Zhou Bingkun, and Yin Tao plays the role of Zheng Juan, whom Zhou bingkun falls in love with at first sight. Both of these characters are the beauties of that era, beautiful and charming, and the expectations of the audience are high.From the perspective of three generations of a Zhou family living in a northern provincial capital city, “The World” depicts the ups and downs of the lives of a dozen ordinary people’s children in nearly 50 years.There are five people in Zhou’s family.Father Zhou Zhigang participated in the construction of “big and third line” in southwest China, which was a very typical “father” image in that era.Zhou Bingyi, the eldest son, responded to the call of the country to become the first batch of educated youth to the countryside. After graduating from university, Zhou Bingyi and Hao Dongmei joined each other in politics and had a smooth career, but he wanted to do practical things for his hometown, so he applied for a smooth transfer back to Jichun city as mayor.The eldest daughter, Zhou Rong, follows her poet husband to a village in Guizhou province, but the marriage ends in divorce and she marries a childhood sweetheart who has been waiting for her for years.Zhou jia left little brother Zhou Bingkun and zhou mother, brother and sister are gone, Zhou Bingkun held up the home, he helped Zheng Juan to send money, fell in love with the firm and soft woman.”In the world” tells a long story, time span of 50 years, involving major events: the countryside, three line construction, recommend, restore the university entrance exam, college educated youth returned to the city, and opening to the outside world and invigorating the economy, the reform of state-owned enterprises, individual business areas, turn shantytowns into new housing areas, anti-corruption, etc., can let the audience a sense of life.Adapted from writer Liang Xiaosheng’s novel of the same name, the 1.15 million-character drama won China’s top prize for fiction, the MAO Dun Literature Prize.Lu Yao’s “Ordinary World”, Chen Zhongshi’s “White Deer Plain” and other works have won the Contradiction Literature Prize. “Ordinary World” and “White Deer Plain” have long been made into film and television, and the effect is very good, I believe that this time will not disappoint the audience.”The World” is directed by Li Lu, whose previous works include “The People’s Justice”, “The Circuit Prosecution Team”, “Under the Hawthorn Tree”, “Seamless”, “Trumpeter in place” and so on, which are rare good works.Li Lu is very good at shooting big drama, “the world” as soon as the trailer came out, the audience said ratings steady.Do you like the world?Write last: original content, plagiarism will be prosecuted.Welcome to like, comment, follow and forward, also welcome everyone to discuss!