There was a kiss in the finale of the Beginning, and it was perfect!Netizen: Zhao Jinmai’s first kiss on screen

2022-05-01 0 By

In the current “cloud and dragon mixed” film and TV drama theme environment, “The Beginning” infinite flow of theme TV series, novel and unique to catch the audience’s attention.It has been widely discussed since it was first aired. “Have you seen the Beginning?Boom!Word of mouth ratings soared!It has been named the best drama of the year by many netizens.The best work has an end.Tonight is the finale of the Beginning.The first kiss of the series finale.”I will certainly remember you, even if you forget me, I will take the initiative to find you, knock on the door, say hello my name is Xiao Heyun, would you like to be my girlfriend?”Poetic @ Zhao Jinmai Angel: I will!”Satisfactory finale, let the audience call: very satisfied!Play in the “sugar” taste, the line of “sugar” have to find.Eagle-eyed netizens found that the kiss scene in The Beginning seemed to be Zhao Jinmai’s first on-screen kiss.Kisses are rare enough, and the first kiss on screen makes the audience laugh even more.Net friend directly call: if this all don’t get married, how should the civil affairs bureau end up!