5 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze, Shenzhen Middle school letter Olympic Games to achieve new breakthroughs, students hard, inspiring

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From January 22 to 29, 2022, the results of the 2022 National Youth Informatics Olympics Winter Camp, sponsored by China Computer Association (CCF) and organized by the Second High School Affiliated to East China Normal University, were announced.A total of 9 students from Shenzhen Secondary School received awards, including 5 gold MEDALS, 2 silver MEDALS and 2 bronze MEDALS.A total of 646 students won gold MEDALS in this competition, including 101 gold MEDALS, 205 silver MEDALS and 340 bronze MEDALS. 12 students from Guangdong province won gold MEDALS.Shenzhen Middle School made many breakthroughs in this competition.Gold Medal Winner: Gold Medal Winner: First Prize of National Youth Informatics Olympic League (NOIP ‘2021);Bronze medal of Asia and Pacific Informatics Olympics (APIO ‘2021);Merit Award of Informatics Summer Camp of Peking University in 2021 (Best contract);2022 National Youth Informatics Olympic Winter Camp (WC ‘2022) gold medal.The school would like to congratulate the winning students, and thank the informatics competition coach, the information subject group, head teachers, teachers and parents for supporting the school competition.Look forward to the students who have achieved excellent results in the follow-up competition, make persistent efforts, continue to write brilliant!