Home does not suspend school period, how does Shenzhen baby PE class go up?

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Home does not suspend school period, how should PE class go up after all?According to the requirements of “Supplementary Notice of Shenzhen Education Bureau on The Opening work of Spring Semester 2022 for Primary and Secondary Schools and Kindergartens”, in order to ensure the smooth implementation of online teaching of “Physical Education and Health” and effectively achieve “no suspension of classes”, Shenzhen Institute of Education Science puts forward the following principles in combination with the characteristics of physical education and health.Clarify the purpose and significance of online teaching During the extension period, online teaching to improve students’ physical immunity, promote physical and mental health for the purpose.Let the students learn the knowledge of exercise, understand that exercise is good for health but exercise should be scientific, master the scientific method of indoor and small space exercise, form a good exercise habit, and encourage their families to participate in sports actively.Learn to study between micro movement, interrupt “sedentary less movement”, form a healthy learning and life style.During the winter vacation, students may not participate in outdoor sports for a long time at home, coupled with the holiday high-calorie diet and irregular work and rest, students’ physical fitness and physical state has been greatly reduced compared with before the holiday.Therefore, in the arrangement of exercise content and exercise load must be gradual, the amount of exercise should not be too large.Otherwise, fatigue caused by excessive exercise load will make students’ resistance and immunity drop.In the beginning stage (the first week), it is recommended to carry out moderate and low intensity exercise, maintain appropriate intervals of exercise, and the body should feel slightly sweaty. After exercise, pay attention to timely water supplement, keep warm, relax and rest.Teaching implementation should be scientific in the curriculum arrangement, according to the requirements of the municipal bureau of education, every day an indoor sports class, a broadcast gymnastics and two eye health exercises.In terms of teaching content, schools are encouraged to make plans and develop courses based on their own actual conditions and teachers’ special characteristics. They can also introduce excellent ONLINE MOOCs, open courses and high-quality resources from online platforms and screen them for use.The Olympics are education, and the just-concluded Winter Olympics in Beijing are perfect fodder for online teaching.I suggest you combine the knowledge of the Winter Olympics with the stories about love, friendship, hard work and dreams in the games to make students feel the charm of the Olympic Games again.The way of exercise is to stretch, sensitive, aerobic, small number of more groups of unarmed strength exercises, gradually increase the number of groups and times of exercise;Encourage and guide students to learn how to interrupt “sedentary sedentary” (” sedentary sedentary “has become the biggest health killer of the 21st century).Instructing students to get up and do 5-10 minutes of micro-exercise every 45 minutes of study can effectively promote students’ health, improve students’ physique, prevent myopia and improve learning efficiency.At the same time, ensure that students every day more than one hour of physical activity time.Nandu reporter Zhou Zhengyang statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com