Meet “director please instruct”, Chen Kaige joins in, Hao Jie’s “sober” let how many people blush

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Some time ago, let’s Start shooting, a reality show of young directors, was quietly launched. Many viewers couldn’t stop following it because of its professionalism and hotspot.What’s the point?Now find out.1. Unconventional selection of judges In “Let’s Go”, no matter the members of the Green Light Club or the young directors participating in the competition, it can be seen from the final announcement of the candidates of the program team, who hope to assess whether a work is excellent from more angles and all-round.First of all, one of the indispensable roles of the show is “green Light member”, which acts as a judge and investor in the show.According to the needs of the role positioning, the program also invited: directors in the industry famous, with hard work alongside the senior body;In the industry to obtain a large box office of the powerful director (executive producer);Experienced and skilled actors…From the selection of green Lantern members, the audience can see that the program has not only considered what kind of directors are qualified and have the foundation to judge the works of other directors (even if they are “young” in terms of directing career).And you’re uncharacteristically planted an actor, from the Angle of the judge, there is an actor of the judges can make a work on the surface, not only can accept to the director on the macroscopic evaluation, also can to an actor to appreciation of characters, his acting and his reduction degree of the role.Character is always the soul of all works of art, and for a film, the degree of the actor’s restoration of the role, the impression and perception of his role on the public, his portrayal of the character……Everything has to do with acting, and no one has more to say about acting than the actors themselves.In the selection of the six young directors in Let’s Go, the audience can get a glimpse of the program’s tendency to choose a variety of young directors, rather than those who are just stuck with their academic background, or those who have already made several good representative works in the directing industry.Instead, I chose a few novice directors who could only be called “cute new” on the way to directing.And, in the early interviews with these directors, the audience can also get a glimpse of their narratives, the styles of the six directors are very different.For example: Yi Xiaoxing director and Hao Jie director.Hao Jie said in the interview, “We can’t watch movies. The more we watch, the more stupid we will become…But more and more clear, a great work is able to stay in history, it can affect history, understand human beings, help human beings understand the mystery of the heart, this is the direction of my greatest work, I am sure to run in this direction to do…”In the end, Director Hao Jie also admitted that it was “just necessary” for him to make films.Life is short, but he needs to do such a thing well!On the other hand, Yi Xiaoxing said in an interview, “I think all directors are artists, and I have no interest in being an artist. I especially want to provide audiences with content that everyone likes. I really have limited talent, and I hope that one day my strength can make more audiences like it.”The style of the two directors corresponds to their previous work, such as The Single Man and The Bath King.The styles of the two directors differ greatly from one another.Their different personalities and purposes…Will make their subsequent shooting, the creation of the work with a strong personal color, but also.It also makes a difference to the audience.However, this variety show also becomes colorful due to the existence of these directors with different creation directions. The films presented on the stage will also be recognized and loved by audiences with different appreciation and hobbies due to the different creation styles and purposes of each director.