Sijiqing Street Xigu Lane community: “four hearts team” to build a solid anti-drug security defense line

2022-05-02 0 By

In view of the difficult problems in drug control, such as large population, large floating population, complex residents composition and difficult governance, the community innovates and explores the “four-heart team” service system, and extends management services to minor details by relying on grid management.At the same time, adhere to the party lead, play big party committee member units and the club committee members of the linkage mechanism advantages, link jurisdiction of all kinds of resources, assistance to carry out education of drug use, love the sympathy, in each place jurisdiction to carry out the “eight” screening and promotion activities, to ensure social harmony, family harmony, to build a fresh air wind is, social stability and harmonious society for all.”Core control team”, strengthening measures to promote stability relying on the three-level grid of community + party member responsibility area management mode, giving full play to the leading role of Party building, and establishing a three-way management method of “online, offline and five-color management”.”Offline” management under the platform of the Party Committee and social Work Committee, the establishment of the package film contact system, the stationed cadres, community staff, law enforcement forces and other deep into the area, regularly carry out heart-to-heart talks, hair detection, directional evaluation and other work of drug addicts;”Online” management by full-time staff will drug users information input system platform for special management and information maintenance, to ensure that information timely update;The “five-color management” can reflect the control status more intuitively and systematically by classifying the drug users into red, yellow, blue, green and white.The community “core control team” grasped the information and status of registered drug users with the “three-way management method”, laying a solid foundation and strong support for community drug rehabilitation work.”Warm heart support team”, take the masses kinship network, based on a large party committee, club committee platform, give full play to the aggregation of multiple power, the pluralistic main body participation, the advantages of each platform, widely links to various resources, set up team “assistance” warm heart, and will focus on the drug addicts helping condolences and solve the problem of life, guidance on issues such as psychological counseling,Integration of colorful sunshine volunteer service and public service resources, including jurisdiction love enterprises, social organizations, etc., do a good job, “warm heart support” with the practical action will be home policy transmission, intimate service home, life difficult visiting home, psychological counseling to assist home, attentively, with affection, with action to drug addicts feel the party and the government care about love,So that drug addicts can truly return to society after detoxification (rehabilitation).”Ming heart propaganda”, hold policy megaphone to advance the drug prevention education work, promote the masses poison gas refusing HIV knowledge ability as the goal, enterprises and institutions, schools, communities will jurisdiction industry department, police station and other resources together, formed a “Ming heart propaganda”, by conducting “into the community, into the unit, and into school, into place, into the family, into the enterprise, into the countryside,”Into the industry” “eight into” publicity activities, hold the policy propaganda megaphone, constantly expand the coverage of anti-drug publicity and education, effectively build a solid area of anti-drug safety defense.A series of activities including “The first lesson of the new semester”, “Neighbors face to Face”, “Anti-drug law into enterprises”, “Drugs Are On Your Side”, and “Drugs in Small Streets and courtyards” have been carried out for nearly 20 periods.At the same time, in the “June 26” and other important nodes, united with a number of units in the area of crowded plazas and other key places to carry out anti-drug publicity, creating a “nationwide anti-drug, everyone involved” atmosphere.”Micro heart investigation team”, the prison work standard scale community party committee member units, “social work committee” members and public security forces and other personnel to form the “micro heart investigation team”, the area of the existing drug users as a key investigation object, with “grid distribution, bottom management” method, the staff sink to the governance of the most terminal.Interview or inquire of relatives of registered drug users;Investigation and registration of drug users in the community one by one;To the area under the jurisdiction of the idle yard, community gardens and other places to carry out a carpet inspection shovel poison investigation;The investigation of Internet cafes, dance halls and other entertainment venues in the jurisdiction shall be carried out in key areas.With a strong and solid style of work, the working standard, from the source to prevent the breeding of illegal drugs crime, reduce the harm of drugs to the masses.Next, in the big party committee, “the club committee” platform as a whole, “the four core team” continue to rely on the grid management, the district advantage resources links, will be “tube, help, xuan,” into the power of the various sections of grassroots governance, give full play to the subjective initiative, at the same time in the work of the residents to drive the masses to participate in the “national anti-drug, everyone duty” atmosphere, projects,Form a social atmosphere in which everyone rejects drugs and everyone resists drugs.