XinGe feelings | annual grade, golden tiger tribute

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Golden tiger blessing to the Spring Festival, New Year gold/tiger/send/f/purge/greetings/new/spring nonyl tiger years it is mined here its continue to powerful, his energetic energy roars chi tiger drums at the speed of the wind momentum to create a new situation in high quality development XinGe feelings to struggle of farmers businessmen say goodbye to the year of the ox joy and happiness of the harvestEntered the expectations and challenges of the year of the tiger in the sentient beings is active with a group of people with their’s dream of building the bank does not forget the beginner’s mind, self-motivated. Keep in mind the mission, to advance going day after day, year after year, in the fierce competition in the financial markets in various business marketing development in never give up, never YanHui them,Is farming businessmen no matter cold summer no matter windy rain regardless of rocky road no matter what obstacles they went ahead, on the move time is changing, the road is changing constant is the beginner’s mind and determination they service, is the agriculture businessman long journey with your feet measure land use both hands to deliver true initiative to give up a holiday go from door to door,To visit and listen to customers’ needs to solve customers’ difficulties, to speak about policies, to send knowledge, to send funds to shoulder the burden in helping rural revitalization and development, they are farmers and businessmen who are diligent and virtuous, hard-working and sincere service,Clients it is these offer silently farmers businessman bit by bit to move one step one step closer to the heart to the customers of nasty become the customers close, intimate friend with such a group of farmers are down-to-earth traders believe that our bank the year of the tiger will raise from the door will be red salute to Spring Festival struggle of farmers businessmen here!(Agriculture and business travel culture of Yingxian county) The seven laws of faith and feelings.Red plum reflected snow zhao Auspicious, magpie branches spread good news.Lanterns hung auspicious home, red couplet posted happiness door.Fengwu Longxiang song shengshi, Jinhu Nafu New Year.(right jade rural commercial bank Wu Lei) xinhe feelings Spring Festival to express huai Ruixue spring, the footsteps of the year approaching “blessing” is red, “spring” is the new flashing lantern, usher in the most festive morning light sound firecrackers, wake up the footsteps of the “Spring Festival”,So bright and bright that hundreds of millions of Chinese children yearn for infinite, you carry bags of pure love on your back and cross the train to your hometown to catch up with your mother’s longing for the fragrant bacon under the eaves of the old eye in the cold wind to eat the sweet festival of the year.There are too many blessings and wishes such as fireworks bloom and echo ears to depict beautiful scenery joy is the only theme the Spring Festival has come, let’s sweep away the dust of the old things with new dreams, expectations, warmth to welcome the beautiful spring